DSCN2432It’s been a while since my last entry and I apologize. But I have a few jobs to attend to so there you go!

DSCN2321You may not think there’s a lot of wildlife in Mallorca, but the observant eye will soon notice that there is a whole lot going on in the wild world of beasts. Ok. I have to admit there are a lot of fences keeping them in but a few actually move about freely. The above turkey is very interested in the pretty grey girl but she is having none of it. Every time he tries to creeps up from behind she gets extremely offended…

DSC_0701Burros are to found everywhere and personally I am very fond of them. The donkeys are always friendly and cuddly but Don Pelle thinks they are stupid. I don’t know about that, I think animals are like people; some are smart and some are idiotas.

DSC_0534And of course, sheep. The fields are full of them and as it’s springtime the ewes are giving birth to lambs who are to-die-for sweet. Unfortunately there has not been enough rain for eons and the farmers are worried. There is not enough grass to go around so they have to get rid of more lambs than usual.

DSC_0616So this cute little guy….

DSCN2394…ends up here, at the local slaughter house. The true place for The silence of the lambs….

DSCN2120Sorry about that bit of morbidness (morbidity?). But that’s life in the countryside. These fellows are quite rare here in Alaró and I suppose they get to live a bit longer (a well kept ostrich can live for 20 years). I have met plenty of ostriches before and I know for a fact that they ARE stupid. Brains big as walnuts, says it all.

DSCN2268Well Helloooooo.

DSCN2117Oh, what have we got here??? It’s definitely not wildlife, more like wild art, which I am sure it wasn’t meant to be for the poor guy who lost his shoe.


The big flat cacti, the paddle cactus (in latin: Opuntia), grow from teensy weensy…


to gigantic! And there is nothing that can keep them in line, they always find their way out even if it means changing their shape.

DSCN2324A dog on a roof is not an unusual sight in Alaró.

DSCN2323But this is.

DSCN2288This rooster was very much in control of his two wives, polygamy is the name of the game in the chicken yard.

DSCN2259I know that for a fact because this one was not invited to the party, and he is one good looking mister.


Since all the chickens move around freely they lay their eggs hither and dither. Actually you even see chickens by the side of the freeway, and sometimes one of them strays out into the road and that usually ends badly. For the chicken.

DSCN1899Another of the lovely donkeys. Yesterday we went by and gave them some tidbits from our dinner table. They are forever grateful. Maybe I will have a burro of my own one day 😀


A good looking dog made our acquaintance. Steffie was delighted, and so was he.

DSCN2165Which is more than I can say of this cat. Delight is not the first word that comes to mind.

DSCN1908Some animals are dead, this is an old goat (they are wild and roam the mountains) that looks like he’s just gone to sleep. Hopefully he died of old age.

DSCN2438And I don’t know why this one died, but it’s clear that nobody bothers to clean away the dead bodies. They just let nature do the work for them. With not many carnivores around it takes some time….

DSC_9771Apparantly the coati (also: Brazilian aardvark) is the only carnivore around and, judging from this sign that I came across in the mountains, the Mallorquines don’t seem to appreciate it much.

DSCN2132Here is another carnivore, but he is much appreciated by me and everybody else.


So long from yet another carnivore. Hopefully I’ll be back sooner than later 😀





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