I feel a strong urge to tell you about a brand new concept launched by a friend of mine.  Vinomivino is a company that lets the customers design their own wine labels. It’s simply brilliant! The label above was made for me by Annette and Juan Carlos as a gift, so naturally I had to buy 6 bottles of fine wine in order to show it off.


Annette Aalto is an old friend of mine from Stockholm. We were a bunch of young and wild girls who had a lot of fun back in the days of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll! Then we grew up, shaped up, and Annette ended up in Malaga where she’s been living for 15 years.

9803_1567664156809490_3455305616803930864_nAnnette is a hard working woman, always full of exciting ideas, and I sure hope this latest project will turn out to be a complete success. 😀


Annette and her partner Juan Carlos work together. He is a computer whizz – a brain child. What he doesn’t know about computer programming is not worth knowing. A match made in heaven perhaps?

10857835_1552678854974687_8443761385820018348_nAt the moment this service is only available for people living in Sweden or Spain. The web site is in Swedish but I hope an English page will be developed.

10170709_1551141815128391_652897785862815209_nThis is how it works: First you have to design your label and this can be done three ways. 1. You upload a high resolution picture of your choice, it has to match the format depicted on the site.                                                                                                                                          2. If you don’t feel creative enough to make your own, you can choose from 39 templates on                                                                                                                          3. Or if you are feel you’re bursting from super sonic creativity, it’s possible to design the label through Vinomivino’s label app.


Once you’ve decided on the label it’s time to order the wine. Vinomivino collaborates with some pretty nice bodegas and you can chose from 15 high quality wines. A couple of examples:


Prices range from average to really expensive (for the very special occasions). You have to order at least 6 bottles with no more than 2 different labels. Sounds like fun doesn’t it!!??
264312_10150229299857791_825623_nThis is one happy family about to get rich very soon.


After many weeks of cold weather, the temperature is starting to rise, and the almond trees are slowly unfolding their fat buds. Today was a lovely warm day. Cheerio


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