Vernissage at Calatrava 1

I hope you all had a fantastic time on New Year’s Eve. Personally I had a nasty cold (as did Don Pelle on Christmas Eve…) and have but a vague memory of all the zillions of fireworks that went off around the mountains of Alaró. Then I had to stay in bed for two days. But now I’m back on track. And fiercely so!


A few weeks after arriving in ”The New Country” we were invited to the grand opening of a new gallery in Palma. Friends of ours have worked like ants to get the dilapidated old premises in order and they have managed to turn it into a swanky place where they intend to show art and do other creative things. When I first saw the run down location in October it was the epitome of shabbiness, and I am impressed that they managed to transform the old garage space in such a short time 🙂


Calatrava 1 (the gallery has a Facebook page. Please like it) is situated in the old part of town where the streets are so narrow there’s hardly enough space to swing a cat.

DSC_9827Andrew Maclear is a well known British photographer who lives in Palma. This was his evening and we all had the pleasure to enjoy some of his pictures of famous rockstars taken 1967/1970. Here he is (far right) with a couple of friends.

1530513_188042004725383_1640140602_nPhoto: Andrew Maclear

DSC_9817It was a great evening with sexy photos and lots of bubbly.

DSC_9813Don Pelle conversing with another Pelle, who’s is (naturally) a photographer!

DSC_9926Is Pelle instructing Andrew? I don’t know…



Our hosts, Dag and Kita, were overjoyed, and so they should be considering how hard they have worked to get it all to happen. I’m in awe! Kita is a fantastic textile designer and she and Dag have a small design company – check out their website:


Jim Morrison by Andrew Maclear.

DSC_9946Gillis and Johanna from Sweden live in Estellencs where they own a restaurant. It’s hard work but they seem to enjoy it. One of these days Don Pelle and I will go and spend a lot of money there.

DSC_9839Johanna and Mick Jagger: ”So, what’s you number? You really have to come and taste our food!”


Photo: Andrew Maclear

DSC_9907Andrew up to no good. Happens I’m the focus of his camera….


…while doing a stunt in the stairs. Kita is enjoying herself immensely!


Laura is half German and half Malloquin and one of our new friends. A wonderful person!

DSC_9913Kita and Gillis.

1505186_188041924725391_1504834120_nPhoto: Andrew Maclear

DSC_9832We all had a lot of fun 😀



DSC_9822My wonderful friend from Sweden. Peter Gröndahl is a highly renowned artist and has lived in Palma for the past four years. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing his giant new studio! He is really extremely talented in many different fields.


Don Pelle and Laura.

DSC_9835Artsy Fartsy.

DSC_9833Mich Jagger by Andrew Maclear.


After the show some of us went out to dinner. We had a wonderful meal at Café Morada, very nice indeed. And also very nice for sociable Evita to be out and about. We haven’t had a lot of that since we arrived, but then we’ve had other priorities. All in good time, all in good time…


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