”The starting point is the deep knowledge of material quality”


Twistin’ of Sweden AB was founded in 2011 by Anne Elmdahl and Elisabeth Johansson. Twistin’ possesses years and years of experience in arts and crafts.

DSCN0782Anne and Elisabeth informed the collected press that they were motivated by a strong commitment to excellent design and quality, the main purpose for the brand is unique work and highly skilled craftsmanship.


DSCN0772      DSCN0771The stool was specially designed for Twistin’ by Mikael Löfström and the seatings are very unique indeed. The one on left looks uncomfortable but is in fact very ”sittable” (if you are naked I’m sure it’s quite an experience). The one on the right consists of twigs woven with hemp, the texture is rough but it can hardly get any more natural than this 🙂

DSCN0770These sheer drapes are simply beautiful. We were lucky to have a sunny day and the windows in the lovely showroom made nice shapes on the curtains. Visibility, hand woven in hemp, come in white or unbleached and are part of the Symphony No 1 Collection.

DSCN0769The light black throw Comfortable to the left belongs to the Symphony No 1 collection as well. It’s a sweet mix of wool, linen, hemp and leather. The cushions Bubbles are textured wool fabric with a leather back. I say YES to natural materials.


Cushion Bride in relief pile and blanket Comfortable in sea blue. Both in wool.

DSCN0780The journalists and stylists were in awe….


…as the creative ladies continued to tell us about the very special  philosophy of Twistin’: ”Beat by beat, the threads – like words – line up and in, forming meaning and structure in the metre of the weave:  plain weave, rölakan, batavia, pick-and-pick.  Wool, linen, hemp, polyester, wood.  Interlaced in unique expressions, harmonious rhythms or creative chaos.  Caressing, unobtrusive, enigmatic and shimmering or cheeky, provocative.”

Ateljé-sommar-1-0111-286x430Torp, next to the Emån river in Mörlunda province, Småland, is the location for Twistin’ of Sweden’s weave studio, where unique, handwoven textiles and objects intended for interior design and fashion industry are created out of materials such as linen, hemp, cotton, wool, paper, twigs, ash, blueberry and moss.  All production is executed on a small scale basis.


Peekaboo cushions  incorporating a square of lace weave in wool. Wool. 45 x 45 cm.


Exploratory, experimental, painstaking work executed with artisanal expertise.

DSCN0775My good friends and colleagues Stefan (in red jeans) and Lex are enjoying the show!

DSCN0773Cushions LP striped in lace weave and tabby. Wool and leather.

DSCN0768The Bubble collection in wool: blankets & cushions. These items are quite expensive but bear in mind the fantastic craftsmanship and that everything is hand made.  Please check out the website!


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