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As usual I am lagging behind, but sooner or later the important stuff reaches this blog and – hopefully – many eyes out there.


Trendgruppen is one of my favorite pr-agencies. We have had a lot of help from each other throughout the years, and of course I try to visit them every time I go to Stockholm. Karin Sköldberg is the founder, CEO and Senior PR Consultant and Dang! She’s good at her job 😀                                Photo by Christopher Hunt.DSC_9146

The china in the image is amongst the most beautiful in the world. Royal Copenhagen has been around for eons, since 1775. The company was founded by Queen Juliane Marie of Denmark:                                                                                                                                ”Juliane Marie was adamant from the start that each piece of Royal Copenhagen porcelain would be stamped with its unique factory mark: the three hand-painted waves that symbolise Denmark’s waterways, the ‘Oresund’ or Sound, the Great Belt and the Little Belt. The queen also introduced the royal crown stamp to highlight the factory’s royal association. The crown has changed over time and can be used to date each piece of Royal Copenhagen.”


The china in this picture is called Swedish Grace and produced by another almost ancient porcelain manufacturer, the well-reputed Swedish company Rörstrand:

”For almost 300 years Rörstrand has been synonymous with quality and fine craftsmanship. Our plates and tableware have been handed down from generation to generation and become heirlooms, classics and collectors’ items that have written themselves into Swedish design history. Perhaps this is because we have always understood that quality goes beyond mere durability and functionality.”


As Trendgruppen has many clients I can imagine all the hard work behind every press event. A lot of products have to be on display and it must look nice and tasty. I think they manage very well, although it does take some time to let it all sink in. The client bank include Iittala, Arabia, Rörstrand, Royal Copenhagen, Mimou, String Furniture, Tingest by Alexander Lervik and many more. There is no way I can list them all here, so please check out the website for more information.


At the mention of Alexander Lervik, who is a very famous and renowned Swedish designer, I can’t help showing a few items in the collection of small things in his side project Tingest (which means a small thing):                                                                     ”The Tingest brand offers products for the home inspired by Scandinavian design heritage. The majority of the items are manufactured in Sweden in association with carefully selected skilled craftsmen and based on a commitment to natural  materials, sustainability and ecology. “For me, this is a long-standing vision: of creating and manufacturing exclusive home décor items hallmarked by design excellence, fine craftsmanship and local manufacture in Sweden”, says Alexander Lervik.

DSC_9158DSC_9153Naturally he’s had help from a few of Sweden’s most well known designers to create this collection! The lamp – Vinda – in the picture above can be placed just about anywhere. Left: a favorite of mine: a clever hanger called Butler. Right: A delicate vase that goes by the name Trädkrona. 




This year Alexander himself showed up to present the new objects. He is famous for his elaborate and very expensive furniture design, so it was good to see him smiling happily over these smaller ”tingestar” 🙂


Just check out these crazy chairs!!!! Left to right: Spike, Wire, Bubble. Hehe, I think Alexander’s great fun and his design is a sound investment for the lucky few who can afford it.


Another favorite of mine! I love anything that has a practical side to it. Isn’t this simply divine???? It’s called Servitören, which means waiter.


As usual the very tiny showroom was packed with journalists and bloggers – and perhaps one or two curious passer-by’s.


This discreet yet sophisticated bowl is one of many items in Cerveras new line Joy. Cervera is yet another Swedish brand but not quite as old as the others. Established in 1987, the company quickly rose to fame thanks to the good prices, which enables most people to buy fine products for their dinner tables and kitchens.


Anybody who knows me well, knows that I have a special weakness for faucets (!!). I especially love the high tech look and Dornbracht is the master of these! The German company (yes, I have mentioned them before) is high end and the showers, taps and bathroom fittings don’t come cheap. Theodor Odgaard gave us a fab presentation of the new collection. Check out the website!


Alvar Aalto was a brilliant Finnish architect and designer, as well as a sculptor and painter. His work includes architecture, furniture, textiles and glassware. His lovely vase, designed for Iittala, can be had in different colors and sizes.


He was so famous in Finland that he became a stamp after his death in 1976.

DSC_9173DSC_9172Mimou sells textiles like towels, throws, curtains, sheets, rugs etc, but they also carry other goodies: hand printed posters for example.                      Left: Paris Love. Right: Dragonfly. Price: sek 395.


Another Royal Copenhagen for you. This is called Svart Rifflat.


Lovely displays, don’t you think?

Render-2.ashxAnd who doesn’t loveMumin. Or Moomin as he is called nowadays. I grew up with the fantastic original story books and Mumin and his family and friends will forever be a huge part of my life. The earthenware goods are produced by Finnish Arabia.



Cheerio! See you very soon! I have lots of fun stuff to share with you 😀




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