Throwback Thursday


As the Mallorquine winter is turning from cold and bad to WORSE, I feel I must share some sweet warm memories with you.


My friend Helen Key (who is a marvelous interior decorator, I must add!) lives in a magnificent flat way up high above the ocean.


It’s quite large and very modern, with huge sliding glass doors overlooking the vast blue sea, although I shudder to think what it must look like right now, probably grey, sinister and thrashing wildly against the rocks 10 stories below.

10403659_10152481469208262_9073235307888326701_nBut that’s just now, in winter. In summer it’s a haven of wonderfulness. Helen is lucky enough to have her own hang-out. Last year Zhero Beach Club opened up its doors in her building.

DSCN3411With a nice restaurant, a lovely pool, a cosy lounge and various sun beds to match, it’s the perfect place for us who like to avoid the extremely packed beaches in and around the Palma area.


The pool.




Helen’s the very tanned babe to the left.

DSCN3419On this particular coast line there are not that many beaches, and the ones that exist are very small and extremely crowded, so for Helen it’s perfect to just take the lift down to Zhero for a swim and a few hours of sun bathing.


They even have luxury tropical spa-like beds, although I’ve never actually seen anybody using them. But then, I haven’t spent much time at the club.

DSCN3422The water is deep enough to dive in (which I LOVE) but for the more cautious swimmers there is a ladder.


Right now it all seems so long ago, and too far away…

DSCN3417The small, and very nice, residential area San Augustin is situated adjacent to Cala Mayor, which (in my taste) is a frightful tourist trap.

10806258_10152529650823262_6990967086042039459_nHelen is mighty pleased. 😀


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