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They say February is the coldest month on the island, and they are not joking! Up here in the mountains the air is quite a lot chillier than in Palma. We’ve had a few days of freezing (well…) temperatures and keep the fire going in the evenings. We do have fab heaters but electricity is expensive so we only keep them on for short periods. At night we have no heat, but being Swedish we are used to sleeping in a chilly bedroom and fact is we sleep very well. Still, the sun is out most days (then it’s lovely and warm!) and the almond trees are blooming like mad. Above is our own very special almond tree, it has pink blossoms while most others are white 🙂

DSC_0542Not long ago we called the plumber to come and change the horrible faucets in out house. I hate that old fashioned mode and with the masses of lime that Mallorcan water is full to, they clog up in no time.

DSC_0541So Juan, the very happy plumber, showed up early one Monday morning. Maybe something good had just happened to him, or maybe he’s just a super happy person because I have never heard a plumber sing as loudly or whistle as shrilly as he did. It sure brought smiles to our faces 😀

DSCN2106New kitchen faucet. Fabuloso!

DSC_0540And the new faucet in the bathroom is very modern….

DSC_0740…because it’s got a LED light that tells you the temperature of the water: cold.


DSC_0737Lukewarm. Perfekt for washing face.


The Mallorcan state is quite environmentally conscious, even though the Mallorcan people are quite ignorant. You should see some of the empty plots around here!


Talk about dumping! And, believe it or not, there are some sheep in the back… People don’t have garbage bins, instead you have to recycle everything and on different days of the week they pick up different sorts of trash right in front of your house.

DSCN2111The garbage schedule. I wonder a little about the nappies; Thur – Mon there’s no pick-up…well, we have a very nice recycling station on the outskirts of town where you can get rid of just about anything before 10 am or after 5 pm. Siesta you know….Don Pelle hates the siesta. I don’t mind, having spent much time in Spain at a young age.

DSC_0008We do enjoy our daily walks. There is so much to see and so many new roads to discover. Steffie has two interests; 1. whatever edible she can scour in the streets and 2. cats. The cats fill her with rage while the food results in a greenish gas that usually comes out at night. Preferably when we are all cuddled up in front of the fire.

DSC_0599My camera is extremely observant. This is a pretty water pipe.

DSC_9700A typical Alaró road.


A typical Alaró square. It’s ancient of course: ”According to the tradition, the two local heroes, Guillem Cabrit & Guillem Bassa, were burned alive in this square under orders of king Alfonso II of Argón. This is the reason why, in the 17th century, a small chapel was built in the corner to commemorate the martyrdom. In the middle there is a well built on an octagonal stone base and with wrought iron elements. As well as other similar ones, this was part of the water supply system of the village. At this square you find the most ancient houses of Alaró.” Oh my

DSCN1940Don’t you just love the urn in the stone wall? If it were mine I’d fill it with flowers.

DSCN1941Just another tree….

DSC_9799Just another full moon…

DSC_0536Just another flower…


And just another conversation with my lovely Sofia.

IMG_2640Breaking news!!! On Christmas Eve, Don Pelle proposed to me in a very romantic way. The floor of our studio was covered with tea candles and cut-out hearts and I SWOONED!!!

DSCN2108He presented me with a beautiful ring from Georg Jensen and I shall wear it with love, happiness and pride. We are still debating whether to have the wedding here or in Sweden, although Mallorca has the biggest draw.

DSCN1907And we shall live happily ever after.

17944-bright-red-heart-shaped-diamondCheerio 😀

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