The Roadtrip Of Our Lives – Part Two

Next stop:DSC_9539

Arriving in Luxembourg was sweet, as the three of us could make a stop-over at my sister’s place. Anna has lived in Lux for a number of years now and her house is a haven of  esoterica. Anna is an expert aroma therapist (the best I ever knew actually) who has perfected her skills for more than 25 years. Check out her website She also produces cosmetics and fragrances, you can find Essential Factory on Facebook. Starting in 2014 she will manufacture fragrances for the auto industry (although for whom is still a much guarded secret……).

DSC_9534The dukedom of Luxembourg is very picturesque.

DSC_9543The curvy roads wind through quaint little villages (even if this particular road happens to be straight….)DSC_9538We hardly met a soul.


Until we came across Felix from Beverly Hills. He resides in my sister’s garden and even though the temperature was close to freezing she seemed comfortable enough.


FINALLY! Food food food fooooooood pllleeeaaassseeee. Woff!DSC_9550                                      Anna is into archery (hence the well tuned body). Her speciality is Mounted Archery no less! Meaning shooting arrows whilst sitting on a running horse (!!)

1229835_10151500228090834_1615945950_nHow about that!!! 🙂


Anna making friends with Steffi (which is not always an easy feat…)


The youngest of my pretty nieces, Elsa, lives with her mami in Lux.


Thank you for a nice evening and refreshingly good night’s sleep. Off we go again.


Lux is extremely small so in no time we were in France. Bonjour!


Even in France they seem fond of polluting factories/power plants….And not a propeller in sight…




Eventually we escaped the haze but throughout France the sky was milky.

DSC_9576Like so.

DSC_9579Still, France is pretty.


Between Nancy and Dijon we stopped off for a coffee.


There were wooden soldiers all over the place to commemorate The Battle of Austerlitz, which is also known as The Battle of the Three Emperors.


Although why they choose this place to celebrate the battle is a mystery to me, maybe because it was one of Napoleon’s greatest triumphs 🙂 Austerlitz used to belong to Austria….these days it’s situated in Czech Republic.

DSC_9593Don Pelle living a dream?


We did take time for some fun and games.

DSC_9588And I swooned over the pretty rose garden.

DSC_9580My sweetheart looking good in a red handbag.


On the road again. To be continued…..





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