The Roadtrip Of Our Lives – Part One

Finally!!!!! Don Pelle and I have moved into our wonderful Mallorquin house, and a few day’s ago the internet guys got us all connected and happy :-). Time to start blogging!


I will take you on a road trip from Flen in Sweden to Alaró in Mallorca. The drive took three days and the angels were with us all the way!

DSC_9447We left on the 25th of November and the weather was sunny and just a little nippy. Unseasonably warm actually, and we felt it was important to leave before the snow arrived.

DSC_9464We passed some pretty scenery.

DSC_9477Like this romantic ruin on the bank of the huge lake Vättern.


 Where we saw our last Swedish sunset for an unforeseeable future.


Goodbye Sweden!

DSC_9487Exhausted, Don Pelle and Steffie take a well deserved rest on the ferry from Malmö to Travemünde. This is the last we see of Sweden for a long long time 🙂 We slept like babies on the eight hour boat trip.


Good morning Germany!


Only in Deutschland….who’s up for a quick pit stop?


The Germans sure love their wind power stations. They are all over the place, at least in the northern part of the country.


They also seem awfully fond of their polluting factories and coal power plants….I wonder if the wind power is a way of making up for all the disgusting smoke that these plants continuously spew out?




 But out of the fog (smog?) the grass is fresh and green. We could finally breathe again!

DSC_9507Who said Germans aren’t cute?


Hello Dortmund!


It’s not unusual to come across some über cool artwork along the autobahn.


And they sho’ know how to build magnificent bridges!


Nice 🙂

DSC_9528Heading for Luxembourg.

To be continue…..nighty night

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