The Old Country


After Berlin I went to Sweden. I have a cottage, Mörkhäll, to tend to, a daughter to catch up with and some family and friends to visit. As I hate the cold and dark climate, what better time to visit Sweden than in the midst of summer? I was lucky this time because I actually brought the Mallorcan sun with me. Before I arrived the poor sods had had a most terrible, cold and wet summer!!! :-O


There were two very important reasons for me to be there. First and foremost I had a new roof built on my small verandah of my little cottage in the depth of the Sörmland woods. It had to be painted before the weather turned sour again, which it does all the time in Sweden. Hence my removal from the country.

10492389_10152293230913262_4740308499031763112_nBefore I actually got to the point where I could slather fresh white paint all over the porch, I had to go through the extremely boring and tiresome work of removing flaky old paint and mould and such. Then the whole thing had to be washed and rinsed 2-3 times. Boooooring :-O


Thankfully I had the help of my daughter Sofia and my nephew Axel. Not that they were too happy about it…

DSCN3282DSCN3278Although it was extremely hot, which meant I could only work before 10 am and after 6 pm, I finally got it done. A lot of hard work that resulted in a beautifully fresh white porch which for the first time in years is really cosy to chill out on 🙂


After a hard days work Sofia and I treated ourselves to some champoo with red currants.

10414510_10152310464218262_103062077194500928_n  Sofia brought along her two cats, Picasso and Max. I was overjoyed as I don’t have any of my own at the moment, due to our cat hating doggie Steffie. But one of these days……

10377359_10152310462798262_8034521781162602315_nNine years ago Picasso was born in this cottage, and he is overjoyed every time he comes to visit his childhood home. He then behaves like the lord of the manor (even though he is anything but lordlike.), bringing home hunting trophies like small rodents, birds and lizards.


Max is still very young and not too experienced in life as he spends most of his time indoors. After a few ”scardy-cat” days he was overjoyed to be out and about. Picasso was good enough to bring back the odd lizard for him to play with. So sweet!


Of course I found time to make some of my famous rhubarb cordial and red currant marmalade. Can’t let the fruits and berries go to waste now, can I?!


My sweet niece Elsa (right) is also the youngest of all seven cousins. She lives with her mother, my sister, in Luxembourg but decided to have her graduation party in Sweden at Oscarshäll where she grew up. This is a rare photo because it’s not often one can see so many family members together nowadays.


A bunch of Elsas childhood friends and her funny father Hubert Hansson. We all LOVE Hubert, he is such a character 😀


My gorgeous nephew Adrian who is studying to be a doctor. He is only 23 but has come a long way in his studies.


My mother Birgitta and Adrians brother Jacob having an animated discussion about something. That’s not unusual for our family as we are very animated most of the time.


Sweet Sofia with Eva-Lotta, who is my best friend but more like a sister. We have been hanging out for umpteen years and will continue for another umpteen years!


Yummie Yummie.


Elsas big sister Tora and her boyfriend Marko. A very decorative couple for sure.


And of course: what is a graduation party without the gifts??? From Pelle and myself she received a very typical Mallorquine bowl – what else?


Before I sign out I want to make you all think about what you are doing to help this poor poor planet heal? All of us can do something, no matter how small. Remember: Time is running out.

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