The October fiesta

DSC_3313For a village of barely 5000 inhabitants, Alaró is a marvel! In Sweden we don’t have these wonderful towns where, no matter how many or how few, life is something that constantly ”happens”. There are plenty of bars and restaurants, and the fiestas come and go as if there’s no tomorrow. This time it was all about food, in one way or another, and  handicraft. To make things even more fun, the children dressed up as little donkeys and drummers.


Everybody in the village engages in these happenings.


The little donkeys danced around the square.


Although there was one poor sod that was put on hold…

DSC_3300The centre of the square was set up as as a lovely garden, or so I thought. Once we reached the depths of this ”Garden of Eden”, we noticed it was littered with various birds in cages…

DSC_3298…or in a makeshift pond….

DSC_3307But lo and behold! The whole thing was a hunting ground! They showed off the kinds of birds people like to shoot and even a selection of shooting towers (is that really the right word?). My interest waned quickly!DSC_3358

So my friend and I decided to take a stroll and check out the various stalls. This one is by far one of my favorites! I always buy pottery; it’s pretty and the price is ALWAYS right. When I have too much I proceed to give it away to family and friends.





These’s no limit to the creativity of the Alaróeans!


YOWSAH! Maybe not on my side table….


There is – as usual – something for everybody, and everything is painstakingly homemade.


And of course there was food. Lots of food in various shapes and styles. All of it looking absolutely delicious!


One stall hade the most beautiful cakes, at Caty’s Cakes anything can be done 😀

DSC_3380There is something special for every occasion.


Maybe that’s where the Don and I shall order our wedding cake when the time is right.


Suddenly we came across a bunch of lethargic Shetlands.


Romeo was friendly and really into….


….my dear friend Helen! It was love at first sight!



The poor horses were not enjoying the noisy kids, but then…boys will be boys.


This little girl wasn’t too impressed either.


Both Helen and I were in awe of these magnificent veggies for sale. Way too pretty to eat.


More cakes. The Mallorquines adore their cakes. Thank God I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, or I’d be rather chubby after a year in this paradise of cakes.


Then we turned a corner and were surprised to stumble upon a haphazard antique market. I found this regal looking photo-art quite fascinating; who WERE these people? Was this the way to show the members of some fancy all mens club? I will never know, but it sure is an impressive piece.


We topped off our afternoon with some donut-look-alike things. Dipped in sugar and dripping with grease they lined our stomachs very nicely, thank you very much.


OH, I almost forgot! The village devil was on display (of course). This time he had a little brother in tow. Tomorrow I am off to Sweden yet again. So long 😀



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