The Italian has done it again

DSCN1783Trinity by Ozzy Adam Cornish

For a long time the famous Italian design company Alessi has continued to produce wonderful new household ware. They’ve held press shows at least twice a year and it’s never just one designer piece, oh no. It’s a whole bunch of pieces by a whole bunch of talented designers and sometimes it’s hard to take it all in. But at Alessi they have no intention of cutting back on the pace. Every decade has a different concept, the great Alberto Alessi once told me.

DSCN1773I would be lying if I said I remember this years concept because I don’t, but there was something for everybody. Personally I looooove the intricate metal fruit bowls. Simone Rossi is Managing Director for UK and Scandinavia and he’s a great one for speeches. With a flourish he told the press about the difficult work involved in producing the metal basket.


Every piece in the limited collection is shaped out of one single sheet of metal. Amazing. Designed by the brilliant Pierre Charpin.


Some pieces are really elegant while others are more on the fun side. Any which way it’s extremely professional and high end. The hook and bracelet on the left belongs to the Sirocco series by Mario Trimarchi. I blogged about him and his Scirocco some time ago. The snake has a wonderful feel to it, quite my style actually. Design by Giulio Iacchetti.

DSCN1777Alessis vision of a Christmas crib is not quite like the ones we’re used to 🙂 But cute huh? Design by Massimo Giacon in 2007.

DSCN1771The press did it’s best to take in the load of products. Some were new and some have been around for a while. I betcha, everybody has something by Alessi in their homes.

DSCN1784The tea set is certainly not new, but nevertheless stylish and timeless. That’s the thing about Alessi, their pieces never get outdated. Well, maybe one or two, but overall they hold a high profile that lasts. This is a design by fun loving Michael Graves. Actually he’s the one with the humor. Just look at this:


If this isn’t funny I don’t know what is. Maybe a little over the top for me but…why not?   Tea & Coffee Piazza was designed in 1983.



Yeay, he’s a laugh 🙂


The clock is no novelty but these two new colors are. Designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni back in 1965. In fact, most of the worlds most famous designers have done at least one product for Alessi.


Like our brilliant Swedish design wunderchild Monica Förster with her design Tower.


Of course, the very famous trend chaser Stefan Nilsson never says no to a picture 🙂 Our friend and collegue, the very famous journalist Annika Rådlund, discussed trends with him. Note: it was a very early morning press Do.


Like I said: there was something for everybody. When I saw these little babies I – for a fleeting moment – wished my daughter was a wee lil’ child (she is 23…). The LED night light can be carried around and gives a child who’s afraid of the dark the ultimate comfort.


Last, but not least. You all know this guy, don’t you? But maybe you aren’t aware that the very famous Juicy Juicer is designed by Philippe Starck?


Anyhow, Don Pele and I finally found our dream home in the mountains of Alaró. Hopefully we’ll live happily ever after up on our cliff 🙂 It’s a Home With A View.


It’s certainly got all that we need (and a little bit more – yeeeeeaaaayyyyyy!). Adios for now.




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