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I have written many an article for many a magazine, but there is one special publication that continues to outshine all the rest. Connoisseur and it’s five-star travel baby So Safari top the list of exclusive magazines in Sweden. There’s is nothing that comes even close!

DSCN3319So Safari is a big, yearly, bookazine that features the best of the best, and this year I had the privilege to write a five star guide to Mallorca. It was immensely gratifying, as it gave me the chance to stay in the finest hotels, eat at the finest restaurants and try out the finest spa’s. It sure was a kickstart to my new life here, and also a great way to get to know the island a little better 🙂


The latest issue of Connoisseur looks great in my garden!


Next up was a five star guide to Costa Rica, a country that I knew little or nothing about. After weeks of hard work I can inform you that more than 25 % of the tiny republic is protected and hunting is banned. Love it!  When the magazine arrived in my pretty new mailbox, I was honored to see that they had given me a spread of 12 pages!!! That’s a lot in our little world of writing.

The editorial staff keeps dishing out new assignments, and I am forever grateful!          Now over to something completely different!



Remember ”my” starving donkeys? Well, the top picture is six months old. That’s when I first started feeding them. The second picture is very recent, can you see the difference?! It’s amazing what some nutritious food can do! Not only have they fattened up nicely, but they also have fantastic shiny coats and heaps of energy. On top of that, the younger donkey, whom I call Carmen because he is such a drama queen, has become extremely cuddly, and he loves it when I sing. Curt (the big one) has always been a friendly sort, but his interest in me has waned. I suppose he has bigger fish to fry……the other day I noticed a wide gap in the fence (hidden behind a huge rock) where they can move freely into the wooded hills. I wonder if that’s legal? Anyway, now that they have renewed energy I suppose they are galloping about, making friends with the wild goats that live in the mountains.


Although sometimes they (the goats) get hungry for sweet tasting hibiscus and other potted plants, and decide to climb into peoples gardens for a snack or two. Most of the time they are easily scared off, but sometimes…..well….they’re just plain obnoxious!


Anyway, in my quest for feeding starving animals (yes, there have been a sheep or two as well), I made friends with a very nice English woman by the name of Billie. We soon discovered that we share this hobby, and as she lives very close to the wilderness, it didn’t take long before she found another herd of very very hungry animals. Above is a mare with her foal, both starving. These are Billies special protégés but I step in to feed them now and again, which is no small feat as they are sharing the grassless grove with an enormous mule who keeps bullying the poor things. I feel like an umpire, keeping them apart while they feed.


Well, that’s it for today folks. Hasta la próxima! Photo: Sunset in Sa Foradada.

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