Summertime in Mallorca


I am not ignoring you dear followers, I am simply dividing my time between masses of visitors and writing jobs. For nearly four weeks we’ve hade family and friends coming to stay, and it’s been wonderful, only problem being that I don’t get much done. So of course I have heaps of work to take care of now 🙂


My wonderful nephew Axel came for a quick visit. I took him on a trip along the beautiful coastal road in the Tramuntana Mountains. Axel is a history student att the university of Stockholm and know a lot about most places. Very interesting indeed.


And he certainly doesn’t suffer from vertigo. Here you see him perched right on the edge of the cliff – AAAARRRGGGHHHH. I would NEVER!


This is close to Estellencs and there’s quite a drop from the top down to the ocean below.


Some old buildings seem to attract all kinds of riffraff. But I always appreciate a bit of graffiti.


Simply stunning!


Then sweet Amanda arrived with boyfriend Mikko. Don Pelle was as happy as can be 🙂 The weather was chilly (well, Mallorcan-style chilly) so we decided to FINALLY trekk our way up the mountain to the famous Castell d’Alaro.


It’s quite a walk, and the higher you get, the more mesmerizing the view.






And eventually you reach the top. At nearly 1000 meters above sea level you can see most of the southern part of the island (well….maybe I’m exaggerating a little) with Palma over yonder. The ancient building on the top actually boasts a bar, a restaurant and a few simple bedrooms.

IMG_0638On the way up, there is a wonderfully shabby and quaint restaurant – Es Verger – where the main attraction are huge pieces of lamb that have been cooking since early morning. Delicious! Best served with an unlabeled bottle of decent red wine. Please note that they DO serve food for vegetarians as well. Of course there’s no website but there’s all kind of information about the place online.


Thats the restaurant way down below.

IMG_0640The sheep roam freely around the place and the cute little lambs are the ones that end up on our plates. Well well, that’s life I suppose. For some, short and lovely. It’s rather nice to know where the food comes from, and at Es Verger it can hardly be more local!


Enter my sweet friend Lisa! She stayed for a whole week and it was great fun. One day we were invited to lunch at the gorgeous little boutique hotel Ca’s Xorc high up in the mountains in Deía.


They only have 13 rooms but attract many a rich and famous visitor.



Lunch was….different…..we had something called the Orange Menu, and I am not sure it went down to well. People around us were gorging in the most succulent paella and we were a little jealous. Personally I am not too fond of fruit and sweet stuff in my food. But that’s just me…..


It’s a beautiful place and one day I shall spend a night!









The view from the pool is to die for. With the pretty village of Deía below and the ocean not far away, Ca’s Xorc is certainly situated in one of Mallorcas most stunning areas.

IMG_0658By now the temperature had risen to nearly 40 degrees C and we spent most of our time at the beach in Alcudia.


There we met an British man who had a way with fish. I christened him the fish whisperer 😀


He told me they were mullets and a bit too small to eat, so instead he fed them some bread.


So long. Gotta get some work done.

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