Summer 2014


So, I am finally finished with my article about the Swedish West Coast. AND a very difficult five star guide to Costa Rica, a country I knew absolutely nothing about until a few weeks ago. It’s a bummer that my computer is so tiny, it’s hard to see all the documents at the same time. Not to mention editing photos…but it’s been a faithful little machine on which I have written many an article besides edited thousands of images! Whoppa 🙂 I love Mac


July just whizzed by and it’s time I got back on track. There are a number of reasons why I have been AWOL, and I will try to recap me summer as well as I can 😀


Don Pelle an I had a couple of weeks to ourselves  in between visits from friends and relatives, and it was pure heaven! Not that I don’t love having them around, but once in a while we need time alone for some TLC, if you know what I mean.


We discovered a new winery with cheap but excellent wines in Binissalem. The favorite is a Sangre de Toro that costs € 1,85 per litre.


They also sell their own delicious olive oil.


Can Novell is a little bit more upmarket than the last place I wrote about,  Bodegues Oliver. Here they sell the wine in cute little barrel shaped plastic bottles but you can also bring your own jug to fill.


The wine is stored in huge 18th-century vats at this delightfully old-school winery. Made of olive wood and held together by sturdy rings of oak, these grand old barrels were a standard feature of cellars and mansions across much of this part of the island.


Binissalem might not be the most attractive village in Mallorca, but it’s still worth a visit, if only for the many wineries.









The village is only a few kilometers from Alaró and we go there from time to time. Not only to buy wine……


…..but also to buy feed (like oats, hay and stuff) for Curt & Carmen. Look how nice and shiny they are after 4 months of nutritious food! The Don gets upset every time because of the mess in the car. Do you know how hard it is to get rid of hay that’s stuck to the upholstery? Well, I recommend you to stay clear of it if you want to keep your partner happy and sweet.


Anyhow, we like Binissalem and Binissalem likes us 😀


Then, of course, we have spent a lot of time on the beach.


It’s beautiful and the water is a lovely turquoise color, just like in the Caribbean.

10609644_10152338011138262_7633954873681452086_nAnd WARM!

DSCN2967Don Pelle and I usually enjoy a snack and a beer at the primitive but very good little restaurant shack on the beach.


Summer in Mallorca is really hot and it doesn’t rain for months and months (except for today…). That’s why the water bills run ridiculously high, at least for us who have gardens to tend to.

10593012_10152333665023262_3925923169972213215_nSome of us find the heat very difficult; forget about long walkies, a quick poo-trip in the evening is all Steffie can muster. 


We have also had fun with our new found friends Anna and her husband Dieter, and their two wonderful dogs. I shall tell you more about Anna later.


I spent 3 weeks in a sweltering hot Sweden (??? lucky me) to paint the verandah of my cottage amongst other things, but I’ll tell you more about that next time.


On my way to Sweden I stopped off in Berlin for a few days, but that story is good for at least two blog posts!


Now that Im back on track, you can be sure I will stay faithful in my blogging frenzy. At the moment it’s raining like crazy and as soon as it lets up I shall go and feed my ”boys”. Ciao!


















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