Sorry for being such a slow blogger, but I’ve been overloaded with work, and as it pays money it’s more important than anything else (except my health). Since you last heard from me, I have been to Sweden and back.  It’s been a wonderful trip, visiting Sofia, family and friends. Plus I even managed to put in a few hours of work. 2,5 weeks ago I left a lovely warm Mallorca to arrive in ice cold old country. The weather was horrible wet and very cold, and suffice to say I was not ready for it. Sandals? haha I don’t think so! Summer dress? Even more HAHA….


Anywhow, at least it’s warm indoors…. Since it’s been so long since I last wrote an entry I feel it’s well overdue, so here we go! May arrived with GUSTO! Boy did the weather turn suddenly, and now even the nights are warm. It is fantastic; how I LOVE the hot climate 😀 So does my garden as long as I keep feeding it water.

DSC_5177In April a bunch of girls got together to celebrate Helens birthday. The weather was on our side when we gathered at the beach restaurant in Illetes.


Helen was full of joy and looked like a million dollars (or euros in this part of the world…).


We were welcomed with a nice sangria made on white wine which in my taste is far better than the regular Sangria vino tinto.


And some bread…


Karin Bellanti is a Swede who has lived on the island for a long time. She runs a school for bartenders; check out her web site:


Bittan does food and catering and is a happy-go-lucky Swedish woman with a lot on her agenda 😀


We had a room with a view.


With a handsome waiter who smiled all the time. No wonder, with so many pretty women at hand!


Happy women.

DSC_5198Lena and her pretty ”just-turned-teenager” daughter Nova had a great time.


After lunch a few of us stepped out for a glass of chilled wine on the beach. Petra, who has a holiday pad close by, took on the job of serving us all.


Much to Helens delight.


Bye Bye, thanks for a wonderful day.


Stay tuned for my future updates, as I have a lot of fun stuff to write about. This past week was loaded with press functions, and I’ve got some cool new design to show you! Cheerio



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