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Here’s another one of may favorites. The staff at Studio St Paul always come up with some kind of theme for their press events. The last one I went to was no exception. Above is a lovely mix of different design. Rugs and some of the cushions by Chhatwal-Jonsson. Other cushions by Sofie Form and Carina Björck. Lamps ”Grenverk” by Belysningsfabriken Konsthantverk.


This time it was bling bling and lots of pretty colors. Studio St Paul has their fair share of exclusive brands and right now Jonathan Adler is in high demand. All the pottery is by him. Beautiful trays in the new pattern ”Bluebird” by Nadja Wedin, cushions by Lisa Ling, who, by the way, is a very talented artist as well. The paintings above are hers. More cushions from How Kudd You. ”Kudde” is Swedish for pillow/cushion 😀


Jonathan Adler (50 this year) is a potter, designer, and author. Adler launched his first ceramic collection in 1993 at Barneys New York. Five years later he expanded into home furnishings, opening his first namesake boutique in Manhattan.


This is also Adler. Interesting fact: the flower that’s covering the private part of the torso is a little drawer. The perfect place to hide small items!







Lovely soft throws (left) from Foxford. I have mentioned them before because I am a great fan.  It’s just THE brand to choose when you are hunting for that new blanket, scarf or high quality baby products. White flowerpots by Mikaela Willers. The armchair in the middle is a design by ABC Collection upholstered in a print by Nadja Wedin, and the quirky dresser to the right is by Jonathan Adler.


LOVE this by Adler! $ 88 online, and comes in black and white too!


Paper weight by Lisa Ling.


Mmmmmmmm my fave Foxford.

Left: Beautiful trays ”Flower Power” by Nadja Wedin.

Right: Fantastic bed linen from Chhatwal-Jonsson.


More Adler. <3 those boxes!


…and more…


…and more…


…and more…


Comfortable armchairs for big and small from ABC Collection.

More Jonathan Adler. The last one, I promise! These figures bring me back to my childhood. One of Sweden’s coolest sculptors, Lisa Larson, designed similar animals way back before I was born. Her pieces are collectors items today and worth quite a bit. I shall tell you more about her in my next update. I have already written about her once before….check out the post ”One of a kind” from May 2012. The text is in Swedish.


Annika Wijkström is the founder of Studio St Paul, and she and her team have been very successful ever since 2005. Annika ALWAYS has a twinkle in her eye.


Last spring the theme was ”old train station”. We were all amused, to say the least! On the right Annika is captured with the one and only Amelia Adamo, Sweden’s most famous mogul. Without her, the success of interior and lifestyle magazines would’ve been nil. She is such a bis star that she even has her own wikipedia page.


Before I go, I have to introduce you to Lady. She is barely 6 weeks old and arrived to my every growing family of animals yesterday Isn’t she a darling!!???




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