Street art in my heart


A few days later, as I was on my way to see the love of my life, daughter Sofia, I made a quick pit stop in Enköping to see some friends with a graffiti/street art exhibition. It runs until the 15th of December.


Erik Hammar and Viktor Byhr are proud patrons of the best graffiti art gallery in Scandinavia. Urban Artroom is situated in Gothenburg, and everything that is shown on the walls of this mega cool place gets


Graffiti/Street- and Urban Art is the next sizzling hot movement in the art world, and I was quick to buy a couple of  paintings.


This wonderful graffiti is painted by Bates, a Danish artist who is already a star. Before long it will adorn my wall 🙂

DSCN3545 2

More art by greatbates (as is his tag on Instagram, check him out!).


And then some more…these paintings sold for 6 000 Sek a piece – that’s about 650 €.


Viktor is pretty successful as well, his friendly and happy paintings sold out just as quickly as the other artists.

DSCN3548More Viktor. See the red dots? They were all over the place! Nearly every work of art was sold that first weekend. It was hysterical!

DSCN3538In this particular exhibition there were three artists displayed. Inkie is an Englishman from Bristol who’s paintings were a little too expensive for me.


But MY OH MY, did I fall for the two in the middle!!!

DSCN3549The girls are quite large but would fantastic on any wall. As you can see they sold out.

DSCN3544DSCN3544 2 More Bates. I just love these ones that are painted on subway maps. That’s very ”graffiti style”. I wish I could’ve got one of them but…..they were sold! (so what else is new?)



Another one of Inkie’s girls on the left. Right: Erik Hammar with photographer Peo Bengtsson.


Here are som random street art paintings that I’d like to show you.

gpb02_4This is a Banksy. The ever elusive street artist.

HilanderaThis one is by a Spanish upper-comer – Pejac – who makes stenciled images similar to Banksy’s. Lovely!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARandom painting in London.

Banksy-Kissing-Coppers-Police-by-BanksyAnd with this very famous Banksy artwork I bid you good day. Have a nice one, I know I will :-D.


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