Stockholm Furniture Fair Part Three

OMG! I am sooo sorry for keeping you waiting like this but I’ve been up to my neck in work, and I also had to take a trip to Israel. Job related of course. Betcha you thought I’d died or something. I will tell you more about my trip next time but now it’s time for me to finish this off. The Furniture Fair that is….Enough is enough even though I could go on and on about it. Fortunately for you I only spent one day at the fair and am running out of images of new exciting design, but don’t fret! I have long list of things to blog about 🙂

DSC_6922Offecct is a very successful furniture company with a whole bunch of famous designers in its ”stable”. The sound proofing panel behind the attentive journalists/bloggers looks like a giant key board. It’s designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and called Pixel.

DSC_6923This panel provides sound diffusion rather than absorption. Correctly positioned, the diffuser panels will improve speech intelligibility and even improve privacy in open spaces as the speaker does not need to talk loudly in order to be heard. Swell Diffuser is designed by Finnish Teppo Asikainen.


I had a chat with Offeccts CEO Kurt Tingdal and he was more than happy. In these dire economic times the company seems to have hit the Jackpot. Kurt told me that last year was a boom for them and this year they are collaborating with a long line of designers. Great goings!

DSC_6946Gotta give Moooi another push. Simply love their stuff. This is a table and stools for the café, garden, patio, balcony or park. Lovely 🙂

DSC_6942At the fair I stumbled upon a new exciting company I’d never heard of before. Perhaps because it’s Spanish. Desenhoibérico consists of a 12 architects who apart from drawing buildings design very pretty furniture as well.

DSC_6943Very pretty indeed!

DSC_6941The Concept:

”A company dedicated to the production of design and constructive systems that combine traditional manufacture techniques with the most advanced technology. A group of world known designers, in the forefront of European and Iberian culture. The proven design quality, the excellence of materials, the highest standards of quality and technical accuracy. Two Pritzker prize. Tradition and contemporaneity, innovation and design.”

This is the DESENHOIBÉRICOTM commitment.

DSC_6940Good looking Paulo Maia is the General Manager as well as one of the architects of the group, and presently he is also taking part of an exciting enterprise consisting of huge sliding glass doors. Panoramah! invent clever solutions for sliding glass panels. There’s almost no limit to how large these panels can be!

The PANORAMAH! minimal frame system is inspired by one of the 5 fundamental points developed by Le Corbusier: THE HORIZONTAL WINDOW.

36_suicacasa-fusetticarvalho-araujo-arquitecto11tr0lowCasa Fusetti in Switzerland

The purpose of the panoramic window is to consider the cut-out made in a façade as a direct link between solid spaces and voids, to allow an objective interactivity between interior and exterior that fulfils the premise so dear to both the Modernist and Minimalist movements; namely, the desire to frame Nature without manipulating it or disturbing the perception of it.

35_japaokengo-kumawater-cherry-house4tr9lowWater Cherry House in Japan

According to Le Corbusier, it introduces “the vastness of the outside world, the unity, impossible to counterfeit, of a landscape with tempest and radiant calm”.
Our PANORAMAH! system of sliding windows also meets the most stringent technical requirements, providing guaranteed thermal insulation, and the excellent watertightness. There is no limit on the number of casements; they can be motorised, and full opening angles are one of the details we have completely mastered.What is more, it is possible to design window systems with up to 4 rails.


Penthouse in Bombay

The size of our casements is limited by the sheets of glass available on the market; namely 18M2. The maximum height of our components is 6000mm.

Now, how cool is THAT?! The buildings are three of the Panoramah!’s project’s and please check out their web site because there are more of these fabulous houses.


At the moment I am ill. My head is pounding, my nose is stuffed and my ear is throbbing. We are doing the last touches to the March issue of First Class Magazine and I am happy I can do all my work from bed! In Swedish I say I move my office to my bed. Our next issue will be the best so far and I’m so excited to see peoples reactions – oooooowwwiiieeee 😀

What a way to spend the last day of February eh? Well well, better now than in May. See you soon sweeties.





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