Stockholm Furniture Fair Part One


Every year in February the city is filled with creative people who embrace furniture and product design. It’s a week full of fun and at the end of it (like today) everybody who is involved in one way or another feels thoroughly washed out. I started feeling a bit tired on Wednesday and as I have to work hard on my articles (and planning!!!) for First Class Magazine I decided to call it quits. One has to work a little as well 🙂


This year’s Guest of Honour, Oki Sato, was born in Toronto but grew up in Tokyo where he trained as an architect. He is based in Japan but spends half his time in Europe. Oki Sato is the founder and Chief Designer of Japanese design group Nendo and is regarded as one of the brightest stars in design heaven. He designed the very white installation and lounge in the foyer:


Bright lights, something Swedes have a great shortage of, very therapeutical indeed.

DSC_6858Fredericia is a Danish furniture company who carries many fine objects. This is The Spanish Chair, designed by very famous Børge Mogensen who drew inspiration for it from a trip to Spain in 1958.

Fredericia has been producing innovative Scandinavian design since 1911, our history, personality and commitment to quality is clearly demonstrated in every piece of furniture that leaves our factory. It is not our goal to please the majority or follow trends. Our furniture has strong ideas and a personality that is not afraid of toeing the line of normality.”


Eilersen is another Dane with fine products. They are best known for their magnificent sofas, many of which can be assembled any way the customer likes. This huge red thing was totally wonderful to rest in.  ”Eilersen is the result of proud furniture tradition, modern design and handmade quality.”


My friend and colleague Lisa Kruse had to take a time out. She had surgery on her foot a while ago and it is not healing properly. And walking the fair is like walking a marathon. She is sitting in an alcove by NC (Nordic Care) Inclusive Design.

DSC_6894Brittish designer Tom Dixon is a favourite of mine. I love most of his stuff and had the priviledge to interview him last year. These scented candles are pretty nice, aren’t they? Here are some more products from his Eclectic-collection:

DSC_6896      DSC_6897Left: Form – a pretty brass tea set. Right: Cast – cast-iron piggy bank.


Tom is also very well known for his lamps. Above: Etch Shade Brass.



He sure loves Lighting. Left: Etch Light Web Stainless Steel. Right: Fin Light.

DSC_6892These little mothers are new for 2013 and were displayed in a most surreal fashion: Lustre Light.

DSC_6880Nina Jobs is a long time friend of mine who has been successful as a designer for a number of years. Here I made her pose in between two of her soundproofing screens for Abstracta.

DSC_6885DSC_6888 Her latest project for Abstracta are these beautiful bookshelves. They come in three sizes and are amazingly sleek and light weight. Nina sure knows how D E S I G N is spelled 🙂

loop_02Just check out this beautiful coat hanger Nina designed for Gärsnäs. Loop is made of wooden sticks that, when damp, are forced into curved metal holders. It doesn’t look very strong but I can assure you it is. I’ve seen CHAIRS hanging from the delicate limbs. Loop has a sister that has a basket (for umbrellas and such) at the base.

DSC_6944That’s one crazy – and HUGE – lamp made from thin slices of wood. Don’t know who manufactured it tho’….sorry about that but it was displayed in Sancals showcase. Sancal is a Spanish furniture company: ”Founded in the early 1970s, Sancal produce upholstery and occasional furniture that have a timeless air where pure simple lines are complimented by an unrivaled attention to detail.” They have really nice stuff, check out the website!

DSC_6928Some of the showcases are pretty and I can’t help taking pictures of them. Svensson Markspelle make lovely fabrics.

DSC_6926To see Mattias Stenberg again was a great joy. Last year he was hidden away in the Greenhouse area, where all the young fledgeling-designers show their pieces. I thought he was way too good to be in there and as it turns out, so did some of the major producers. Here he is with his darling stool, now produced by Offecct. I am so happy for him! And OH BOY would I love to own one of the sweet ”Carry On”‘s.

DSC_6908Form For You is a design duo who has been pretty successful the past couple of years. Anna Leckström and Kolbrun Leósdóttir (that’s an Icelandic name by the way) design really nice furniture and if you ever come to Stockholm you have to visit Restaurang Jonas. Why? Well, because the girls designed the interior of the place which, by the way, has become a very popular hangout for everybody who enjoys a nice meal in fantastic surroundings 🙂


This multifunctional ”stand” Bella was my all time favorite of this year’s fair. It’s just brilliant and I hope the girls have a massive success with it. You buy it in pieces of three, either tall or short, and the boxes can be bought separately. It fits in everywhere and doesn’t take too much space. It rocks!

DSC_6914I’ll leave you with this sleek sofa & armchair Netframe by  Cate & Nelson for Offecct. It’s dinner time and I promised to cook some fish for my man. Back shortly with some more brand new and amazing product design. Ciao!

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