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Ronen Levy is a man of many talents. Born in Israel he grew up on a kibbutz, and as a young man he ventured out into the world. He ended up in Sweden where he lived the good life for 18 years, selling antique asian furniture.


Nine years ago, he’d had enough of the cold nordic climate (and mentality), and came to the beautiful island on which many of us has chosen to root ourselves. In Palma he continued with his antique furniture, but changed tack after some years to open up a restaurant in Santa Catalina instead.


by Ronen

is a well frequented place with a lovely homey atmosphere, open from 10 am until 4 pm, every day except Sunday.


Simply Delicious by Ronen serve vegan friendly Israeli food (although they do cook meat for those who wish).


Personally I am a great fan of Israel and the fantastic dishes I’ve eaten there, especially in Tel Aviv, and Ronens menu is light, simple, delicious and very price worthy!


Happy guests.


For the guests who take their time studying the place, there is a lot to see. With a bohemian assortment of furniture and little knickknacks & interesting art, there’s not a dull moment. Even if you happen to be dining all by yourself 😀


Don’t miss the two tiny surfers hanging from the ceiling…


As well as this teensy weensy photo of Ronen relaxing in the blue sofa.


And the small plaque on the wall that says ”Light” in hebrew.




That was once a huge tree.


Another happy camper!


The back room ha a bar of sorts, and a huge table for big groups of guests. Most of the time the place is more or less packed! It seems that women are way over represented….I wonder why….?


But the restaurant is not the main reason for me writing about Ronen. Oh no! After a tough winter of illness and such, I felt the need to balance my body and energy in order to get my mojo back. Being cured of my stomach problems, I immediately threw myself into various sports activities. It turned out it wasn’t such a good idea; I did yoga, and my elbow went out. I did an hour of boot camp, and my back went out. It seemed like no matter what I did, my body protested violently. Poor me.


Then an aquintance suggested I see Ronen and let him heal me. Yes that’s right. He is a healer of sorts. Or as he would put it; he helps us to heal ourselves, to balance our different energies. He tells me he had a horrible back problem a few years ago and his wife suggested he try something called ”Reconnective Healing”. I am a born sceptic, but have been helped by other healers before, so I know this can work.

– I was very skeptical,  Ronen admits. But then I was so fed up with the pain in my back so thought I might as well try it out.


Said and done. Seven years ago he flew off to Hamburg to attend a week-end seminar by a company called The Reconnection, and in no time he found that he had a knack for this. Ronen quickly became an executive assistant for the company (which he was for 4 years) and funny enough his first teaching was in his homeland Israel. What a coincidence!

DSC_4608– Everybody can do it, it’s just a matter of focusing your energy on to the client, he says humbly.

He got hooked and spent plenty of years traveling the world with he newfound knowledge.


It’s a non touching sort of healing, and it was quite an experience to lie on the massage (yes, he does massages as well) bed while Ronen was flitting about the room. I did feel sensations of different kinds, as my body picked up on his ”rays” in some way.


Today, a week later, I know it worked. After months of pain, discomfort and listlessness, I feel like a completely new woman. I look years younger and feel fantastic!

So if you are feeling down in the dumps, I highly recommend a visit to Ronens pretty house in Genova. In there he can work miracles! Send him an email at Or, if you happen to be in Palma de Mallorca, visit him at the restaurant. He might even take up teaching again….so stay tuned 😀

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