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DSCN0956United Nude will always stay close to my heart. I really love their shoes and you’ve GOT to check out the web site. Maybe to buy a pair of chic sandals for summer? Mind you; I am showing you the collection for autumn/winter 2013.


Sooooo cool! 😀

DSCN0942Ok, enough now. There ARE other cool brands as well…..

DSCN0949DSCN0937  DSCN1003

Like China Girl for example. The boots are scrumptious! Right: For Goldilocks boots from Primeboots.

DSCN0970Dainty little pumps from Boss Orange. Yep, the zipper is stuck and cannot be unzipped 🙂

DSCN0936At one of the press shows I found a jewelry brand that was completely new to me:  David & Martin make delicate yet contemporary and cool pieces of bling bling. The prices range from REALLY expensive to affordable. These earrings cost 5 660 SEK.


The earrings Drop are gold plated so they are actually affordable to a poor journalist like me, 1 123 SEK. The delicate ones to the right, Mirror, can become yours for the slight sum of 9 880 SEK.


David & Martin design silver jewelry as well. Left: Cosmic Jupiter Bracelet 3 025 SEK. Right: Have no idea because I cannot find it on the web site (web SHOP), but it’s a very pretty necklace.

DSCN0935The Numbers bracelet is very affordable indeed as it’s gold plated, right now 1 752 SEK.


I don’t know about you but I really like these boots from Zadig & Voltaire. They go well with the glammy jacket in my last post.

DSCN0922How about innovative rings in the shape of farm animals? A must-have from Bedazzled who sure carry a whole lot of wild design!

DSCN0917And of course, is there a man who doesn’t like Breitling? I don’t think so….


This is exciting! With a sharp little twist the stone in the middle can be taken out and changed into another stone a different colour. Either to match your outfit or your mood. I didn’t ask the price of the jewels as I can see they cost a load, especially if you want to buy more than one stone….Sweeeeet! From Watch & Troy.

DSCN0958A cute handbag from Tosca Blu should hang on every pretty girl’s arm.

DSCN0980These little babies come from Eton, the Swedish upmarket maker of shirts: ”At Eton, we are proud of our heritage which dates back to the year 1928 when Annie and David Pettersson started a new business making fine shirts.”

DSCN0904Crazy sunglasses design by Anna-Karin Karlsson. Helena informed me that Lady Gaga and other special mega stars wear these spectacular frames.

DSCN0903              DSCN0902

Helena acting the parts: Left Wonder Woman.                                                                   Right: nananananana….BATMAAAAAAAAN


So the story of today ends. I just came back home from a brisk walk and I wished I had my long johns on. 2013 will be the year we remember as the year Spring took a time out. The beginning of  global cooling. But still, we had a lovely sunny weekend and flowers are starting to sprout hither and dither. Sty tuned 🙂


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