Sausage & Wine

Ever tried making your own sausage? It’s not really as easy as it looks (actually it looks gross!), but once the sausage is done it’s a great feat. And very very tasty 🙂

Philipson  Söderberg is a wine and spirit trading company with traditions as way back as 1954: ”We represent a wide range of international quality brands with both wine and spirits from all over the world. Philipson Söderberg help our customers to have a superior drinking experience for their respective needs and requirements. We aspire to be a source of insight and inspiration. Philipson Söderberg is an affiliate of the Finnish owned wine and spirits company, Altia Corporation.”


This day we were invited to try out the new Raimat Pasion bag-in-box wine and to spice thigs up we all made sausage as well.


The wine is delicious and goes well with bbq meat and other smokey foods.

Philipson Söderbergs own Lisa Lind gave us an expert lecture in the wine’s lovely characteristics.


DSCN1090Enter Kerim Akkoc. The sausage master. Kerim is also the founder of Taylors & Jones in Stockholm. You have to check out the restaurant’s web site, it’s very funny! He is a TRUE sausagiere 🙂

DSCN1097We were paired up and given bowls of minced meat which we mixed up with spices and herbs (and wine of course) to get that scrumptious flavor.









My partner Carina had a swell sense of taste. There were a lot of smiles and laughs that day. We all had such a great time!



Every pair thought their mix was the best. Left: Svante Öquist (Editor in Chief for Elle Interiör) and his partner enjoyed themselves as much as the next guy

DSCN1092Another happy participant.

DSCN1106It wasn’t easy to choose from the abundance of spices and herbs. Here are the different stages of sausage making:







DSCN1135Svante and his partner were mighty proud!

DSCN1133And Carinas and my sausages were mighty tasty. I did have a disgusting little movie that I wished to show you just to see how quick an activity it is but for some reason I can’t upload it here. Oh well, I think you get the message! Have a nice day 🙂






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