Santi Taura

It’s Valentines Day and what better than 1. Kiss the Don and 2. write a post about one of the top 5 restaurants in Mallorca, Santi Taura.


Coming from Stockholm we are extremely spoiled with good food. The Swedish capital sports an array of excellent top restaurants and new ones keep popping up. I must admit we find the food in Mallorca rather bland so we don’t go out much. I see myself as a superb cook and most often my food is better than the stuff we eat in the restaurants here. But…there are exceptions and we are slowly finding out where to go and what to eat.

santi_tauraSanti Taura is not only the name of a five star restaurant, it’s also the name of the owner, a super talented chef:                                                                                                         ””Llosetí”, was born in the summer of 1976.
At the age of 13 he had to face a question that would change his life: “What do you want to do when you grow up”? The desire to differentiate from others, the need to exploit his creativity and ambition made him choose the gastronomy world. 
Lover of Mallorca, of its ingredients, traditions, recipes and landscapes.

Santi Taura is, above all, an artisan of cooking. A chef by trade.”

IMG_1334It’s almost impossible to get a table at the stylish restaurant in Lloseta (a village really close to Alaró), but we our new friends Libero and Martina have a monthly reservation and couldn’t go this evening so they gave the booking to us. We are deeply humbled 🙂

restauranteThe interior of Santi Taura is simple and elegant, no frills but certainly a lot of thrills.

IMG_0687The restaurant offers a simple concept of a set menu that changes every week, according to the locally grown produce. Every dish is extremely well balanced and tastes exquisite!

IMG_0688I forget how many courses were included in the scrumptious meal, but after checking the website I now know there were six. Seven including the cheese.

IMG_0694Mmmmmm…..and trust me, it was really really hard to choose…..yummmiiieieee

IMG_0693The MAN himself is out there, working the floor with the rest of the staff. He takes time to say hello to all the guests and we had a nice chat with him as his English is perfect. You’ll have to excuse the abominable quality of the photos, but that’s iPhone for you! I forgot my camera and this was all we could come up with.

IMG_0692Every dish is introduced down to the tiniest grain of salt. I think this was a creamy fish soup, but memory eludes me….

IMG_0685…perhaps due to to locally produced red wine? Binissalem is another villager really close to us, and it’s the place to go for your wine. I have no idea how many vineyards the village sports, but there are a lot. Great fun to scout the place 🙂



Every course is meticulously assembled and oh boy do the tastebuds break out in a jig!

IMG_0691As I said in an earlier post; art is everywhere to be found.


We were very happy to make Santis acquaintance and I hope he remembers us next time we come for a wonderful (and priceworthy) meal. Better book a table right away!

1623732_10151796131595834_908226971_nHappy Valentines wherever you are 😀


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