Pretty Pollença


On this horribly cold, windy, rainy and GREY day, I feel it’s the perfect opportunity to write about the pretty town of Pollença.

DSC_4469Pollença is situated in the far north corner of Mallorca, near Cap de Formentor and Alcúdia. It lies about 6 km west of its port, Port de Pollença. The name ”Pollença” comes from the name of the Roman settlement of ”Pollentia,” the excavated remains of which lie several kilometers away, at the modern municipality of Alcúdia.


The town has a nice medieval feel to it, probably due to the fact that….

DSC_4449…most houses were built in the 17th and 18th centuries and many streets are very narrow and compact, a leftover from the medieval era.


The central square, called Plaça Major, has numerous outdoor cafés and is dominated by a large 13th-century church Esglèsia de Nostra Senyora dels Àngels (Our Lady of the Angels) which was built by the Knights Templar.


The winter has been cold, especially up here in the mountains of Alaró, so one fine (but chilly) Sunday Don Pelle and I decided to visit Pollença since it’s not very far from ”our” lovely village. Unfortunately we just missed the market, which is supposed to be FAB, but we did see a lot of sweet sights.


The most wonderful of them was this very very long and steep stairway, which in my mind is the ”Stairway to heaven” as it ends in front of a cute little church. There are 365 steps, one for each day of the year, and BOY it’s a great work-out no matter which day you decide to go galloping uphill.



The chapel on top is known as Cavalry, and on Good Friday this is the setting for the most dramatic parade of the year.


First, on the road winding up the back of the hill, there is an enactment of the Stations of the Cross. This is followed by a mock crucifixion on top of the hill after which the figure of Christ is ceremonially removed from the Cross.


Wow, too bad we can’t go next friday. Other plans. But perhaps next year…..It’s not just Pollença that goes mad at Easter, every village takes the chance to bring out everything their church has to offer!


Anyhow, the chapel seems to double as a cat shelter…


DSC_4502Quite a few hungry cats were patiently waiting for some grub.


On the back of the hill there is a small winding road which, I am sure, is to great pleasure to all the people living alongside the stairway.


Some of the houses are fantastic! Like taken out of a fairy tale, but hey ho when all the tourist come clambering up the stairs. Not much privacy there….


Walking down, we found the perfect spot to tie the dog…


On the way back to the car we came across a courtyard which sported a funny flea market.


Loads of knick knacks that nobody seemed to want.


Least of all us.


A death mask of Philip Newman, the creator of the Pollença music festival adorns the courtyard. I wonder if he is actually buried in the wall…..


Maybe he is the reason for the budding guitar heroes in town  😀


And coming home, I had another Skype session with the love of my life. Sofia has two cats, and the young black one – Max – is never completely happy unless he is stuck to her in some way. So cute <3



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