Press Events Galore

This past week the fashion Pr agencies in Stockholm whipped up alluring previews for us journalists and bloggers. It is always great fun and the perfect opportunity to do a lot of networking, something I’m quite good at 🙂

DSCN0907    DSCN0897    DSCN0898    DSCN0906

The first thing I noticed were all the long gowns. From the left to right: gown from Greta, the silver chain with shoulder ”pads” from Bedazzled, beautiful coat with fur collar C Kummelstedt, black & white gown Alice Fine, black sequined gown Anna Holtblad



Shoes and bag from Louis Vuitton.


Lovely cashmere sweater from Soft Goat which is an online shop for all sorts of cashmere products – check it out! Panty hose from Twilfit. I am a sucker for all kinds of patterned stockings as well as cashmere sweaters (which come in handy when living in a cold climate).

DSCN0931Sock manufacturers continue their quest at trying to outdo each other in producing socks with crazy patterns. These are not quite as wild as some of the other brands but they are of high quality and will probably last for a long time, from John Henric who carry all sorts of fancy clothing for the true gentleman. Also online.

DSCN0901This is nothing special, I thought it was really pretty as we are desperate for spring and warm weather. That’s Stockholm outside the window, looking bleak…..


How about a couple of jackets. Left: Marco Polo. Right: Zadig & Voltaire.

DSCN0945I tried on a furry hat…..

DSCN0941…….HPI of Sweden 


DSCN0950      DSCN0951

Left: Lovely soft sweater worth waiting a few months for, Zadig & Voltaire. Middle: Pretty feminine outfit, also worth waiting for, from Säby. Right: Another design by Karin Säby, a beautiful lacy gown.


Glam jacket from Zadig & Voltaire.

DSCN0923Bling-bling collar from Bedazzled.


All kinds of stuff from Gudrun Sjödén who has been designing clothes and fabrics since the beginning of time.


Michael from Västerås is an expert bartender and mixed fantastic Martini Bianco cocktails at Presskontakterna. I have forgotten the name of his special drink but it was delicious!

Nighty night, it’s time for me to go to bed. My love and I have spent the whole afternoon getting my lovely country cottage ready for for summer. We shall live there happily during the months when the sun shines brightly. Everybody in Sweden deserves some warmth – or even better – some HEAT 🙂


I shall be back shortly to tell you about future shoes and trinkets. Here are some truly Swedish cuff links.



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