Precious is a Nordic watch and jewellery fair. Most of the visitors seemed to be women (?!) and we were all in awe of the abundance of bling-bling around us. Security was at a top high as exhibitors presented their goodies in well lit showcases.

DSC_9181Jeanette Skanshage is one of the five young jewelers who were picked out to participate in the Precious Talents department. I guess that’s why she’s so happy. Her silver jewellery is stunning and they are right up my alley. I love those clean and uncomplicated lines. She has a web shop – ooooohhh I can see my money sprouting wings…..


Quite stylish, don’t you agree?


She also invented the sexy ”ankle straps” that go well with any pair of shoes. Love ‘em!

DSC_9190Noble by Bendtner from Denmark started out as a men’s jeweler, but as interest in the trinkets grew, owner Nicklas Bendtner decided to make jewelry for womes as well:        ”To my surprise, lots of women have shown a huge interest in our collections. As a result I decided to dedicate selected bracelets and necklaces from our Wildlife and Classic Collections to women only”


Jewellery workshops were scattered about the fair. It was wonderful to see the fine and detailed work that goes into making delicate pieces of jewelry. Jimmy Hansen from Denmark showed me how to work things, it’s certainly not a job for a person with the shakes!

DSC_9118It’s quite the arts and crafts!

DSC_9112         DSC_9111

Of course there were gems for children as well 🙂 something for everybody.


One of my favourites this day. Since I adore colourful stuff these pieces really caught my eye. German jewellery company Coeur de Lion make pretty necklaces and bracelets. Any one of these bright gems would spruce up your outfit.




And they are not that expensive – between € 119 and € 129 for the cubic necklaces. € 299 for the pendant.



Imaginative and very large necklace from IOAKU. It looks great on my friend and colleague Camilla Randerz Cevung. 

Fanny Ek, owner and creator of the company won the prestigious Talent of The Year competition. Hooray Fanny 😀




Really cool earrings from Kelim Design

DSC_9122Sara Winter from Svenska Moderådet is an expert when it comes to watches and jewelry (and fashion in general). She held a very nice speech and told us all about the future trends:                                                                                                                                                 ”Focus on jewellery and watches is increasing in the fashion industry, reveals Sara. The interest and awareness is much clearer, both with designers and customers.”

DSC_9116Bling bling

DSC_9176Karl Apparels creative little show case.Karl-Apparel-herrsmycken-manschettknappar-pin-ring-silver1Karl Apparel was another of the five Precious Talents.  The company launched its first collection in December 2012 and makes jewellery for bold men. Karl Apparel recognizes the soaring interest in jewellery for men and wants to help men take their style to the next level. On the web site, Karl Apparel not only has a web shop but also a blog on men’s style with inspiration and facts on everything from tie knots to becoming a diamond connoisseur.


French Di Giorgio make lovely rings that can be assembled any which way. So cool!


Clean cut watches Picto from Danish Rosendahl.                                                                 ”The hour is indicated by a dot on the rotating dial, while the minutes are indicated by a conventional hand. PICTO is the first wristwatch created according to this rotating disk principle.”


Nice rings, I have no idea what brand it is though….


Another one of Fanny Eks designs.

So long for now!








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