Platja des Caragol


September is a hot summer’s month in Mallorca. Actually October was quite hot as well, only yesterday did summer disappear around the bend, to give way to colder winds and buckets of rain. Anyway… day in September we went for an excursion with our dear friends Dag and Kita. They’ve lived on the island for a few years and know their way about much better than we do. This particular day we set off for the absolute most southern point of the island, Ses Salines.


That’s south of Santanyí on the southeast coast.

DSC_3180It’s a most beautiful spot, but nothing for the old and/or crippled as there is a 30 min walk to the beach Platja des Caragol from the ”car park”.


Which is by this light house at Ses Salines.


It was a sizzling hot day and we were happy to set off on the lengthy walk to the remote beach.


We walked….


…and walked….

DSC_3216…and walked…


…until we finally reached the beach about half an hour later. By then we had nearly passed out from sun stroke, and that first swim was one of the best of the whole year!


Platja des Caragol is as far away from civilization as it can be, so be sure to bring food and drink. No quaint little restaurants scattered about in this place! Apart from a handful of Mallorquines, we were quite alone on the beach – just the way we like it.


Quite stunning 😀

DSC_3179To see these toy-like planes above is not unusual. They fly around the island checking for illegal buildings, swimming pools and whatnot. If you build something without the proper licenses it can cost you dearly.


The platja’s not a place to visit if you just want to hang out for an hour or two. Oh no! It’s a full day’s outing, and I can assure you that the walk back to the car late that afternoon was not quite as skippity & hop pity. In fact, the return trip seemed so much further, and needless to say: that night we all slept like babies :-).


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