Palma de Mallorca


Palma is a gorgeous little town. I can understand people who want to live there, but I am sort of a country girl and love to be close to nature. We really enjoy going there though, and we do it quite a lot since it’s only 20-minute drive from Alaró.

DSCN1960I always enjoy a city where most shops, restaurants, cafés and museums are within walking distance. Palma is one of these places. Since I have my bank (Banca March; to be recommended!) there I need to go quite often as many transactions are to be made in the initial months of moving to Mallorca and becoming a full time resident. The service is fantastic and the English speaking (extremely unusual in this part of the world) staff makes me feel like royalty 🙂


The old part of town, which is the part most people visit, is overwhelmingly charming. At every turn there is a surprise and in the beginning it’s easy to get lost in the maze of alleys that entwine the ancient heart of the city. Many of the buildings are pretty dilapidated but none the less beautiful. The patina of time has given them a hue of mystique, and history freak as I am it’s easy to imagine the many thrilling époques of distant ages.

DSCN2150We found Don Pelles special street. Now we’re on the look-out for Carrer Evita, or something like that…

DSCN2147Art is everywhere to be found for the observant 🙂


You never know what to expect when turning a corner.


For the less observant I suggest a visit to the Modern Museum where the art is in-your-face and impossible to miss.

DSCN2155The park is full of interesting installations, most of them huge of course.

DSCN2157Don’t you just love to combination of old and new?


Like so

DSCN2154I wish I could tell you who the various artists are but the was not a plaque to be found.


We have yet to visit the museum itself, as we either have Steffie in tow, or are too busy with various errands when in town. But one of these days…..we’re in no hurry.

DSCN1959We came across a Hamam, very nice for a future bath.

DSCN1955The best way to learn the city is to get lost, which we do now and again.

DSCN1961Some houses may be scruffy, but others are magnificent!

DSCN2140I can just imagine some of the amazing homes that lurk behind these beautiful facades.


And of course; one of the big draws is the ocean, which on this particular day was wild and frothy, but come summer and you will find it warm and friendly.


Day as night, Palma is perpetually lovely, like a Sleeping Beauty of sorts.


It’s tight, steamy and intriguing. Palma was founded as a Roman camp upon the remains of a Talaiotic settlement. The turbulent history of the city saw it the subject of several Vandal sackings during the fall of the Roman Empire, then reconquered by the Byzantine, then colonised by the Moors (who called it Medina Mayurqa), and finally established by James I of Aragon. Phew! It was also a very popular place for pirates, bandits and various other riffraff.

DSCN2135All of the above makes this a great place to visit, especially in winter when the ca. 400 000 inhabitants get to have their city to themselves. Add about 12 million tourists in summer and crowded is the understatement of the year…I could spend a lifetime writing about the lusty city so stay tuned for many more future Palma blogposts.

DSCN2112But no matter how tantalizing, at the end of the day it’s still PURE HEAVEN to return to Alaró.

DSCN2169Bye for now 😀


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