Fira d’artisans d’Alaró part dos.

Since it was a day and night of fun, I need to write about this twice!


The crockery is so lovely! I always buy a lot of stuff that I have to give away to various friends. There is a limit to how many bowls one can have!


This time I only bought 4 smaller bowls……I just can’t resist the pretty colors and cheap price 🙂


Homemade monkeys only 8 euro. Wish I had a small child all over again….


Some nice person made sure that the elderly and very elegant ladies of Alaró could rest their legs, backs and feet.


And of course, what would a fiesta in this village be without a touch of demonism…


One of the police officers in Alaro makes homeopathic brews in his free time. A friend of mine who’s had cancer most of his life (he is 63) tells me the stuff is amazing!

DSC_8844DSC_8837Not only does he brew his concoctions in old fashion copper distillers, but he is cute as well!

Aparantly he has his own shop now, although I have yet to find it.





More food. The sobrassada is a famous Mallorquine sausage that is highly popular. It is very orange and tastes slightly tart. Although I like tart, this is not picante enough for me …sorry all my dear Spanish friends….btw, the woman to the left is the newly appointed mayor of the town. Aina is now el presidente!


Kurma is the name of a shop in the village that sells Indian stuff. Simply lovely!


Here we had some fabulous spring rolls! Unfortunately the man sold out way to quickly, and I suppose that’s why he looks so morose. Probably realized he should have made another batch – at least!


Helens first Alaró fiesta. She was mighty entertained!

DSC_8911DSC_8922There is a statue on the plaza where all the children love to play. There is always a kid or more climbing around on it. This day was no exception 🙂

And I must say, the mothers are cool as cucumbers…



Paco the cool dude is way more photogenic that I could ever have imagined!


DSC_8883And, of course, what is a fiesta in Mallorca without an animal or two. Usually it’s the devil that’s let out to play. This day they chose a donkey, actually a smoking donkey!

Sometimes the participants run out of steam…



Lovely Sofia Ise opened her mouth and totally blew me away. She should sing for everybody in the whole wide world. At this point I wish I were a talent scout!


Pretty flowers for a gifted singer.


Later that evening we came across a few more gifted singers. Aurora and her daughter Rochelle are fab!


Sweet Rochelle!




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Fira d’artisans d’Alaró part uno.


For the 16th time, the residents of Alaró (and probably some outsiders as well…) move out into the streets to sell their various knick knacks. There is a whole lot of food but also arts and crafts for kids as well as adults. It is a party that stretches throughout the day and into the night.


Produce of all kind was for sale, the Mallorquins love their grub and I must admit it was difficult to choose from all the goodies displayed in long rows along the narrow streets.


As usual cupcakes were high in demand. There were at least 5-6 stalls selling the lovely muffins.


This one was particularly interesting as every cake had a plastic tube with gin attached to it. Some liked to squirt it into the muffin while others simply sucked the little bugger dry…


More cakes…


…and then some cheese…


…and herbs displayed artfully in an ancient pram.


This is the day when the people of Alaró get to sell the stuff that they have produced in the past year. This guy makes his own beer.


Which goes very well with the lovely sausages.DSC_8827


These guys make their own body products, all with natural and organic ingredients. I bought a couple of nice body lotions that supposedly scare off mosquitoes and other bugs that just love to bite me!


For sale: pretty witches for all occasions? You can spot the artist in the background, she looks slightly witchy to me…


And – of course – what is a fiesta without some musical entertainment?


For sale: 1 € a piece.


There was a whole lot of jewelry for sale. This couple probably spent a big part of the winter crafting their stuff. Or, at least she did whilst he kept her entertained with sweet music.


Their child seemed to have an artistic touch as well.


As usual the Alaró giants were brought out. They always get to see the daylight when there are festivities going on. Both small…


…and large…


At Ecosenalla they had a slight problem with their giant paella. Perhaps they ran out of gas?


Massive hoards of people showed up for the popular market. Great fun!


But not everyone was up for using their own legs.


Stay tuned


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2,5 months since the last post… only excuse is an extremely hot summer and other, more pressing, jobs….but I am back with a vengeance 😀


Sweden is amazing when it comes to design and designers, within fashion as well as interiors. Since there are loads of pretty young women (and a handful of pretty young men) who are experts in the fashion industry, I rest my case and concentrate on the lovely interior design instead 🙂 One of my favorites is G.A.D


G.A.D. is short for Gute, Art & Design.”Gute” stands for Gotland, the picturesque Swedish island in the Baltic Sea. It’s a lovely place to visit (some people call it Sweden’s Mallorca, but I wouldn’t go as far as that…) with a long and very exciting history of vikings, wars and handicrafts.


The company is owned by Kristian Eriksson who also designs most of the stylish products.


Havdhem is the popular bench with practical drawers under the seat. It comes in two standard sizes: two or four drawers long. The seat is upholstered with black leather as standard. Other options are fabric of choice or fleece.


G.A.D furniture is made of 100 % natural materials: birch, oak, limestone, lamb skin, leather, granite and woolen fabrics. For a person who enjoys some  blonde Scandinvian wood, this is the company to check out. Every piece of furniture is meticulously built and guaranteed to last many future generations.


Bläse is name of a series of grafic and elegant coffee tables. The dimensions of the frame matches the thickness of top perfectly. The distance between top and frame gives the table a light feeling despite its generous measurements. Bläse comes in three models; a small rectangular one that measures 82×50 cm, a larger rectangular with ”double length” 160×50 cm. The larger table comes with a wooden shelf half the length of the table. So elegant!


Fårö is our the classic and winner of “Excellent Swedish Design” award. The stool and bench are upholstered by a mix of horse hair and natural rubber and depending on size, covered with one or two carefully matched fleeces. The fleeces are vegetable tanned and comes from Gotlandic sheep. A painted base is optional. I WAAAAAANNNNNTTTT!


Hejnum is a popular coffee table in many shapes and sizes with a characteristic tabletop and lower wooden shelf. The shelf is narrower than the top to leave plenty of leg room. The base comes in birch or oak and the top in wood, limestone or black granite (granite is only available for the square and rectangular tables). The birch is treated with white pigmented oil or soap and the oak with natural oil or soap as standard. Other surface treatments or paint is optional.





The shop has an array of smaller pieces by different designers. It’s the perfect place for gift shopping! Like a toy store for adults 😀


Just love those elegant trivets. I couldn’t stop myself from buying the STOCKHOLM.


Lovely vases


Nordiska Ullmärken is a company that collects the finest brands of wool wear. These products are for sale in the G.A.D store.

DSC_6187DSC_6188Owner Anette Stillner modeled this lovely coat which is a design by Sirri and made of the finest Gotland wool.    ”The idea behind Sirri is to utilize the natural resource availabe in the Faroe Islands – to use the Faroese wool and create a product which is unique and which acquires a special significance for the user. Sirri is a brand which only deals with products made out of Faroese wool. Sirri began its activities in 2000 and since then the purpose of our production  has been to produce different modern designs created by Faroese and  international designers. The international designers have visited  Sirri as a part of their design-education. The garments are machine-knitted or woven and then fulled according to traditional methods. This procedure ensures that the garment is wind- and waterresistant while it maintains its soft and warm texture. 

Our line of products is in constant development as new designs are added regularly. At present we have over 150 different garments to choose from in one or more of the five basic colours of the Faroese wool. Neither the wool nor the garments are dyed, and therefore no two garments from Sirri are identical in colour. 

Sirri is the invisible tie between man and sheep. When the Faroese shepherd calls ‘sirri, sirri, sirri’ the sheep come running.”




The perfect choice for anybody who lives in a cold country.


Ciao for now. I assure you that I will post interesting thing on a regular basis from now on. I PROMISE <3







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Across The Ravaged Land


Off I trotted to Fotografiska to attend the press gathering for the third – and last – exhibition of Nick Brandts wild life pictures. The exhibition runs until Sep 13.

DSC_6149This is what many many captured animals see every day of their lives…but so far, the animals caught on Brandts pictures are still roaming free. That is, the ones that haven’t been shot dead 🙁

Lion Head Trophy

Like this poor guy….


Hippos might not be endangered just yet, but considering the sad development in disappearing species you never know how long it will take….


This man is really unique as a photographer. We have all seen his large black and white, or sepia, photos of wild animals in Africa, and as the third part of a trilogy (check out my earlier post from 2011) we have come to an end of the series. It is not quite a happy ending, as most of the animals depicted have been killed by poachers, but Brandt has sparked an awareness amongst us all thanx to these amazing photos.


This is one of the most famous of all the photos, and Lo and Behold! This old bull is still alive. No small feat in the ravaged continent of Africa.

Rangers with Tusks of Killed Elephants

As you can see……Every year 30 000 – 35 000 elephants are killed by poachers.

DSC_616575 % of all lions have disappeared in 20 years, and rhinos…well…..there are hardly any left. Why? Because the Chinese still live in the middle ages and think that various animal parts are good for their health. They sure have a lot to answer for. Recently I learned that even dogs and cats in parts of Africa, where the Chinese now live, are disappearing in an alarming rate.N on Lake Bed 05-10 3 B&W

Nick Brandt was born 1966 in London, and studied at St Martins School of Arts (like so many other people I know). In -92 he moved to America to work as a music video director for artists like Michael Jackson and Moby. When he shot Jacksons Earth Song in Tanzania in 1995, he fell in love with the country and its wildlife. A few years later he embarked on the long journey that would result in this photographic trilogy. In 2010 he founded the Big Life Foundation which has been a huge success to both wild animals as well as the villagers who live in this particular area. He told me that they have managed to catch as many as 1 800 poachers in the last five years. Well done! Please donate because the more money that comes in, the more land they can cover….


Because we all want to see more of these wonderful beasts, and I am sure the beasts themselves would appreciate a little peace and quiet, instead of being hunted, haunted and killed just because of a specific horn, tusk or bone 🙁


When I left the exhibition my heart was heavy and my mood was not on top – to say the least! But all around me life went on as normal, the small ferry doing its trips back and forth to Djurgården….


Katarinahissen with it’s wonderful restaurant Gondolen on top, looked as interesting as always…


…and the boats that lay side by side along the quay had the normal peaceful air about them.


Stockholm is amazingly beautiful, especially in summer when the weather is mild and nightlife is wild.


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Paulas Choice

DSC_6133So, as you already know, I am back on the warm and sunny island of Mallorca. Sweden was fun and work, all in a happy-go-lucky bundle. It was fantastic to see family, friends and colleagues and so much happened that I can’t really decide where to start……let me think….hmmmmmm….I will begin at the very end and move backwards 😀

Paula Begoun.JPEG

Paula Begoun – The Cosmetic Cop – is a most amazing woman who knows all there is to know about skin products. Fact is, she knows everything about the body’s biggest organ – the skin – and have been developing products for years and years. She has also written 21 books on the subject. 21!!!!!


One cold and windy day Stockholms beauty reporters gathered in the magnificent lounge at the pretty Nobis Hotel so meet and listen to Paula and her business partner Bryan Barron. The main reason for their visit was to launch a new product in the already wide range of skin care and cosmetics:

7860 Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster.JPEGThe Hyaluronic Acid Booster is like caviar for the skin. Whenever I put it on, underneath my regular moisturizer (I do change brands now and again), I feel my face plumping up and younger looking. I should know, vain as I am!!! This specialized hyaluronic acid anti-aging booster plumps fine lines and prevents moisture loss.ihwx.1f14f86d-ae4e-46b5-b476-f5f9f2236db9.1200.800

There was a another little surprise gift in the goodie bag: The 2% BHA Liquid, which is an exfoliant that can be used any time of day. Dispense a drop or two onto a cotton pad and apply it to the face. Do not rinse.

Breakouts, we’re through. This super-light, matte finish BHA lotion unclogs and shrinks too-big pores, dissolves blackheads.
  • Acne Breakouts, Anti-Aging, Blackheads, Eczema, Enlarged Pores, Extra Sensitive Skin, Redness, Rosacea, Wrinkles
  • For All Skin Types
  • Calms redness, builds collagen
  • Contains quickly absorbed 1% salicylic acid

Please Note: Do not use if you are allergic to aspirin or its derivatives.

DSC_6232The venue couldn’t be more perfect for this kind of press gathering, the interior of Nobis Hotel was designed by the architect trio Claesson Koisvisto Rune. Three guys that I’ve gotten to know quite well as the years have gone by. I can’t even remember how many times I have written about them, as they constantly keep winning prestigious design & architectural awards. This particular ceiling above what was once a courtyard, is 28 meters high and looks like a censored-via-pixelation version of the Sistine chapel.


The image is actually a view of the blue sky from under a canopy of leaves, Eero Koisvisto tells me. Then they just enlarged the picture many many times. If you squint you can see the picture. As always, these boys come up with great and inventive ideas.


We tried out all these lovely products, only wish I took take them all home with me. But that would be stealing and I am no thief.w217984-pc7850Especially that little tube to the right, it’s a ”Resist Vitamin C Spot Treatment.” With age come the brown spots, and I HATE them. My hand are still free of them, but last year a couple appeared on my face and I’ve tried literally everything to get rid of them, but nothing seems to help…Grrrrrrr. I hate aging 🙁 So now I shall try this 🙂

Bryan Barron.JPEGDSC_6244

Bryan Barron has been working with Paula’s Choice Skincare for over 15 years. Together, he and Paula are the best-selling author of several books on skincare and makeup including The Original Beauty Bible. Bryan’s experience in the cosmetics industry includes many years as a professional makeup artist, product research specialist, and skin care professional.


 Skincity is THE beauty salon on the web, and they carry the market’s leading products in professional skin care and makeup.

DSC_6243Annica Forsgren is the clever owner of Skincity. She has 15 years of experience in the field of skin care, and together with Paula and Bryan, she made our day. Ciao all you beautiful peeps <3 keep taking care of your skin! Especially if you live in a sunny country; remember NEVER to go out without that oh so important sunscreen.




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Sorry for being such a slow blogger, but I’ve been overloaded with work, and as it pays money it’s more important than anything else (except my health). Since you last heard from me, I have been to Sweden and back.  It’s been a wonderful trip, visiting Sofia, family and friends. Plus I even managed to put in a few hours of work. 2,5 weeks ago I left a lovely warm Mallorca to arrive in ice cold old country. The weather was horrible wet and very cold, and suffice to say I was not ready for it. Sandals? haha I don’t think so! Summer dress? Even more HAHA….


Anywhow, at least it’s warm indoors…. Since it’s been so long since I last wrote an entry I feel it’s well overdue, so here we go! May arrived with GUSTO! Boy did the weather turn suddenly, and now even the nights are warm. It is fantastic; how I LOVE the hot climate 😀 So does my garden as long as I keep feeding it water.

DSC_5177In April a bunch of girls got together to celebrate Helens birthday. The weather was on our side when we gathered at the beach restaurant in Illetes.


Helen was full of joy and looked like a million dollars (or euros in this part of the world…).


We were welcomed with a nice sangria made on white wine which in my taste is far better than the regular Sangria vino tinto.


And some bread…


Karin Bellanti is a Swede who has lived on the island for a long time. She runs a school for bartenders; check out her web site:


Bittan does food and catering and is a happy-go-lucky Swedish woman with a lot on her agenda 😀


We had a room with a view.


With a handsome waiter who smiled all the time. No wonder, with so many pretty women at hand!


Happy women.

DSC_5198Lena and her pretty ”just-turned-teenager” daughter Nova had a great time.


After lunch a few of us stepped out for a glass of chilled wine on the beach. Petra, who has a holiday pad close by, took on the job of serving us all.


Much to Helens delight.


Bye Bye, thanks for a wonderful day.


Stay tuned for my future updates, as I have a lot of fun stuff to write about. This past week was loaded with press functions, and I’ve got some cool new design to show you! Cheerio



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Walkies in Calviá


Everybody who knows a little about Mallorca, knows that this is a place where many hikers and cyclists come to do some exercises during spring and autumn (but mainly in springtime when the weather still is shit in the northern hemisphere).

DSC_3804This fine December day a whole gang of us set of to Calviá for a nice leisurely walk.


Hmmmm, where does this road lead…?


Part of it leads to Ses Planes, which is a stud farm.


And part of it leads to the mountains. Of course.


On the way we passed plenty of animals. Goats…





DSC_3856…and donkeys. Happy donkeys for once 😀


One of the participants brought a sprightly young hound, only 7 months old and full of beans!

DSC_3849The gang was all fired up and ready for a brisk walk.


But first one had to check out the sheep – or at least the dog did…


We passed a beautiful Roman-ish style building with a nice old fashion courtyard.


So beautiful.


Even the mud knows how to look good 🙂


At the end of the day we ended up in the lovely restaurant of Méson C’an Torrat. It’s situated in Calvía and owned by a man who used to be a toreador. Now, I hate bull fights, but since this happened a long time ago, I can actually enjoy all the pretty posters and pictures that adorn the place. Aparantly his son is a celebrated cyclist, so this is a very popular hang-out for the two wheeled community.


There is no way one can miss that the guy was once a celebrated torero. He is plastered all over the walls. Besides the total ambience, the food was brilliant! Yummmmiiieee. Méson C’an Torrat is well worth an extra trip.


The two cronies Don Pelle and Don Frallito kept themselves in a secret corner and only God knows what they were talking about…


Pretty Victoria soon lost interest in the ”old-guy-conversation” and hung out with me instead.


That was in December, right around Christmas time. And this is what Mallorca looks like now. Spring has finally arrived, temperatures are soaring and my garden is going bananas.


Hasta la próxima.


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Pretty Pollença


On this horribly cold, windy, rainy and GREY day, I feel it’s the perfect opportunity to write about the pretty town of Pollença.

DSC_4469Pollença is situated in the far north corner of Mallorca, near Cap de Formentor and Alcúdia. It lies about 6 km west of its port, Port de Pollença. The name ”Pollença” comes from the name of the Roman settlement of ”Pollentia,” the excavated remains of which lie several kilometers away, at the modern municipality of Alcúdia.


The town has a nice medieval feel to it, probably due to the fact that….

DSC_4449…most houses were built in the 17th and 18th centuries and many streets are very narrow and compact, a leftover from the medieval era.


The central square, called Plaça Major, has numerous outdoor cafés and is dominated by a large 13th-century church Esglèsia de Nostra Senyora dels Àngels (Our Lady of the Angels) which was built by the Knights Templar.


The winter has been cold, especially up here in the mountains of Alaró, so one fine (but chilly) Sunday Don Pelle and I decided to visit Pollença since it’s not very far from ”our” lovely village. Unfortunately we just missed the market, which is supposed to be FAB, but we did see a lot of sweet sights.


The most wonderful of them was this very very long and steep stairway, which in my mind is the ”Stairway to heaven” as it ends in front of a cute little church. There are 365 steps, one for each day of the year, and BOY it’s a great work-out no matter which day you decide to go galloping uphill.



The chapel on top is known as Cavalry, and on Good Friday this is the setting for the most dramatic parade of the year.


First, on the road winding up the back of the hill, there is an enactment of the Stations of the Cross. This is followed by a mock crucifixion on top of the hill after which the figure of Christ is ceremonially removed from the Cross.


Wow, too bad we can’t go next friday. Other plans. But perhaps next year…..It’s not just Pollença that goes mad at Easter, every village takes the chance to bring out everything their church has to offer!


Anyhow, the chapel seems to double as a cat shelter…


DSC_4502Quite a few hungry cats were patiently waiting for some grub.


On the back of the hill there is a small winding road which, I am sure, is to great pleasure to all the people living alongside the stairway.


Some of the houses are fantastic! Like taken out of a fairy tale, but hey ho when all the tourist come clambering up the stairs. Not much privacy there….


Walking down, we found the perfect spot to tie the dog…


On the way back to the car we came across a courtyard which sported a funny flea market.


Loads of knick knacks that nobody seemed to want.


Least of all us.


A death mask of Philip Newman, the creator of the Pollença music festival adorns the courtyard. I wonder if he is actually buried in the wall…..


Maybe he is the reason for the budding guitar heroes in town  😀


And coming home, I had another Skype session with the love of my life. Sofia has two cats, and the young black one – Max – is never completely happy unless he is stuck to her in some way. So cute <3



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The best time to visit Sweden, the pretty country way up north, is May – September. Before and after, the weather will bring you down. Actually April can be nice too – CAN be nice….Anyway, if there’s something the Swedes are good at, no matter what time of year, it’s cooking. Most of us are actually quite fantastic in a kitchen, and the many excellent restaurants in the bigger cities makes me want to weep from joy.

Omslag Golfilicious

My former colleague (Boohoo for former) Jenny Olsson and photographer Peter Cordén (all the pictures, except for the last one, are by him) have just compiled a magnificent golf cookbook, that will arrive in Swedish bookstores in May 2015. Jenny has given me the permission to put out this little teaser, so all my Swedish golf crazed friends know what they can look forward to! Fabulous recipes, five star chefs, golf course introductions and anecdotes by some of Sweden’s most successful tour professionals and other celebrity profiles, fill this pretty coffee table book, and for all you golf/food/good-life lovers out there, this is a must-have! But no, the recipes are not about various ways to cook a golf ball or club.


The book is packed with pretty pictures of some of Sweden’s most beautiful golf courses. The photo above is taken at Åtvidabergs golf course.
_34147_35257A few of the lovely dishes that are presented in the book. Left: broiled tuna with naiad salmon and shrimp, by Martin Dahlgren, chef at Norraby Krog, Tranås Golf club. Right: mushroom carpaccio with aged cheese and hazelnuts, by chefs Jens & Filip Kronsjö and Mikael Jönsson at MaderietBokskogens Golf club. 


Tranås Golf Club. Simply stunning!


More delicious foods 🙂 Left: Fish & Chips from Skåne (the southernmost part of the country). Right: glazed leg of duck with roasted carrot, cauliflower purée, glazed onion and plums, by chef Jimmy Brorsson at Falsterbo Golf club. YUM!


Sweden might have a rough climate, but boy is it a beautiful country! Lots of green nature everywhere. This is the golf course at Hills Golf & Sports Club.


And finally a photo from Karlstad Golf Club. Now, remember that this is just a teaser, and when the book is out and about, I will write a little update. Here is a link for my Swedish friends who want to know a little more:  Press_Golfilicious


Spring has arrived to our lovely Mallorca and flowers are sprouting all over the place. It’s at least as beautiful as Sweden, plus it’s WARM. Hasta luego!


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Hotel Can Alomar


There are quite a few very nice (and comfortable) hotels in Palma. They all have one thing in common: the wish that Palma will become an attractive travel destination even during the winter. So instead of taking a quick weekend trip to Paris, Rome or Berlin, everybody should come to Mallorca for some quality time hiking, dining and wining. Can Alomar in La Lonja is the perfect place to spend a couple of nights. The third hotel in a – so far – small group of luxury boutique hotels, the Can Alomar offers 16 big rooms with huge windows overlooking the famous shopping street Paseo del Borne. You cannot get any more central than this!

DSC_4614From the top of the roof you have a 360° view of Palma. It’s simply beautiful, and I can imagine having an open air massage amongst the leaves of the trees that surround the building. The hotel offers a range of Spa treatments and if the weather allows it, clients prefer to be outdoors. There is also a little plunge pool up here.


The cathedral.


The many rooftops of the city.


Exclusive neighbors 🙂 Only the best…..


The bedroom was a delight and I slept like a wee babe all night long.


The bed is definitely one of the best that I’ve slept in throughout my visits to various five star hotels around the world.


The manager Carlos Vásquez was sweet enough to give me room number 1. I liked that mucho.


Carlos 😀

I was on the second floor, right around the corner from the simple but elegant dining room/bar and the adjacent lounge.


These combined rooms are unassuming in all their elegance.

DSC_4662Part of the the lounge has a classic (and very comfortable) touch…


…while the other part is very modern and completely without frills of any kind.


Actually, that’s one of the – at least in my mind – the nicest things about Can Alomar. The ”no frills” bit.


Wouldn’t you agree?


The restaurant called De Tokio a Lima has a menu full of surprises. I took my friend Helen along to sample the Japanese, Peruvian and Mediterranean fusion cuisine.


We shared a great many dishes but the ceviche and lamb were the only ones that made it into my camera. The meal was simply scrumptious!


Naturally we had some fine red Mallorqiune wine to accompany the superb food.          Son Prim is a small, family winery located in Sencelles, Mallorca. In 1993 its owner, Jaime Llabrés, decided to replant the family vineyards with the aim of improving the quality of the wines that were produced year after year for personal consumption. As such, the old plants were substituted with grape varieties more appropriate for aging like Merlot, Carbernet and Syrah. At the same time, a new and modern wine cellar was built in time to inaugurate the first harvest in 2004.” The wine is exported to the UK (available at Harrods in London), Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and USA. For Marketing and Sales please call Marc Camand on +34 672 075 045


There is modern art everywhere, and from time to time they change the paintings.


Right now you can see some works by Francisca Marti. She is also exhibiting at the nearby Gerhardt Braun Gallery. But that’s another story to tell, stay tuned. The painting above is from her ”Tears” project.


Yet another ”Tears” painting.


This huge piece ”Victor Blue” is from the project ”The Fly”. At the moment it is decorating the reception area.


But apart from the art, there are a few other nice details. Like this window that can be found in the……



DSC_4657Genius at work.


The restaurant has two huge terraces, both with a view of the busy shopping street below. Come summer, I can imagine sipping a drink (after the massage on the top floor) amongst the foliage of the trees.


Swedish Sofia is a friend of my niece’s (such a small world!) and is an excellent receptionist. Although she is only 24, she speaks many different languages and I am highly impressed! Let’s hope she is there to greet you when you take in for the night (or the week). Rates range from 180 € – 520 €.DSC_4688

As I mentioned earlier, Can Alomar has two sisters; Can Cera (where I stayed last year) and Calatrava. As I am writing this, the group (which doesn’t have a proper name yet) is well on it’s way to add yet another boutique hotel. This time in the lovely town of Pollenca. If all goes as planned, they expect to open up in March 2016. So stay tuned!

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