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My name is Eva Juhlin-Dannfelt (Evita please) and I am a Swedish freelance journalist who’s had assignments for many different kinds of magazines. Up until October of 2013 I was Editor in Chief for a luxury travel magazine. As I am very sensitive to the cold I decided in a spur of the moment, in May of last year, to move to Mallorca with my fiancée and our dog.  We live in a fab house and although even Spain has a bit of winter, we can live with it. No more snow, lack of sun or freezing temperatures 🙂 I will continue working as a freelance journalist as most of the jobs are done over the internet anyway. This blog started out as a a channel for me to share my interest in design/culture/art with you, but for the time being it will be a chronicle over Don Pelles and my new life here in Mallorca. But who knows? Eventually I might write about other subjects, I am an extremely restless and curious person!

I have had a few very different carreers, and without bragging I have to admit I’ve been quite successful in all of them. I was a special paint decorator for about 10 years, with many prestigeous assignments both in London and Stockholm. I plan to pick up painting again because it’s a great way to blow off steam. Then I was a hotel manager for a number of years. My mother turned the family estate (Holbonäs) into an Inn which I took over when she got fed up. Because of all the stupid regulations and extreme taxes, I gave up after 5 years. The Swedish system makes it more or less impossible to run a small business. I could not afford to employ anybody because of the taxes, which resulted in 16-hour work days which resulted in a complete meltdown.

After a few years of recuperation I turned to journalism (being a life long writer) and have written many many articles about just about everything (except fashion) in the past 6 years. I love interviewing interesting people and I suppose my future interviews shall have to be via Skype, unless the magazines pays for my expenses (which they hardly ever do these days…). As I am a creative sort I love photography as well, as you have noticed by now. Hopefully I shall have an exhibition one day. Life is sweet and the only problem is that times goes by much too fast and even though I don’t feel old, I am certainly not getting any younger.

I have a lovely daughter of 24 who is studying environmental engineering. THAT is way past my head! Needless to say I am extremely proud of her and hope she’ll be able to help this poor ravaged planet that’s our home.

Wish you all love and happiness.

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  1. Magnus Löfgren skriver:

    Ciao Cocobello!
    Tack för trevlig promenad, och samtal,
    över bron…

    / Magnus

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