Not only food


When I was a kid ICA was the local food store on every street corner in Sweden. Apart from food they sold the normal assortment of supermarket products. Now (like 40 years later) they have grown big, really BIG, and have entered the world of interiors. There’s no end to the stuff they produce and they always stage the most magnificent press previews. Less is more is not one of ICA’s philosophies….

DSCN0458The products are not only quite nice but cheap as well (I guess they are trying to compete with another huge Swedish brand…..IKEA).

DSCN0451Salad bowls, cushions, rugs, plates, glasses etc etc. You name it, Ica’s got it.


The ICA Group (ICA AB) is one of the Nordic region’s leading retail companies, with around 2,100 of its own and retailer-owned stores in Sweden, Norway and the three Baltic countries. The stores have different profiles, depending on location, range of products and size. Each store is owned and operated separately, but operations are coordinated within the group. All feature ICA brand products.


The press review was held in a bomb-shelter and the rough walls acted as a beautiful backdrop for the styling.









Love the salad bowl. It’s the epitome of Plastic Fantastic 🙂

DSCN0479Sorry all you people who live elsewhere in the world, but ICA does have a web shop of sorts so check out their web site. Other than that I reckon you should be quite happy you DON’T live here as spring seems to have taken a turn for the worse…


Winter is back with a vengeance! I’m freezing to death 🙁






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