Not lost in Stockholm


Stockholm is a lovely place to be if you are the fresh-air type of person. The parks are many and they are vast; nature greets you around every corner and even though the weather is shite most of the time, you buckle up, dress warm and out you go!


I was lucky to catch some sun, which is unusual in November. But it’s vital to hurry out, because it is pitch dark by four o’clock.


It is easy to see the beauty in a cold light though.


Not that the lake looks inviting, but I can assure you that it is fabulous in summer!


My best friend Evalotta (whom I miss a lot!) lives in close proximity to Vinterviken, a pretty rural-like area on the outskirts of Stockholm.


We passed a funny and innovative playground 😀


The Architekt was certainly creative!


But I am sure this home owner was peed off when the city decided to build a freeway right above his pretty house. I must add that it is a very important freeway.


We caught the last rays of a very rare November sun.


The difference between winter and summer is HUGE! And I suppose that’s why all Swedes go bananas when spring finally arrives (sometime in April, May or – worst case scenario – June).


Still a little color left…


…and this bird seems to have missed his/her flight. The geese usually leave in October.


DSC_9322Liljeholmen used to be an industrial area, but it’s been fixed up with lots of nice buildings, and living on the edge of the water (which there is a lot of in Stockholm) is always nice.


There is even art to be had!


So long amigos. May the force be with you.

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