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Sorry if I’m slow, but this new deal about writing my blog posts in English take a bit of time. Not because of any language problem, but I realize I have to introduce every brand that I present here as most of them are Scandinavian (or European). My dear friends who live overseas probably never heard of  them before. Well, better late than never huh? We have a lot of nice design up north (where we for the moment have a witches bitch of a winter :-() and it’s time for you to find out about it.

So…how about pimping up the crib? Even if you don’t have loads of money there are one or two not too expensive items that can cheer up any gloomy old day.

Danish producers of top quality electronic equipment never cease to invent fab machines. Last autumn Bang & Olufsen introduced a new speaker that fits well into any home. It’s quite large and can be mounted on the wall or, like in the image, placed on a tripod. Just connect your iPhone, iPod or any music machine of choice and the sound will definately blow you away.

Charming leather boxes in different sizes. They have that old fashion feel to them and the price is ALRIGHT. Slettvoll is a Norwegian furniture company who produces a lot of high end stuff, but once and a while even a skinny wallet can find a thing or two to bring home. Check out their website.

Alessi is a very very famous Italian brand that have frequented my blog quite often. I am in love with many of their products and they continue to produce new exciting household items at a steady pace. This candle holder is made of pieces of glass which can be assembled (or dissembled) any way you like – like a puzzle! Love it <3

We all love to fill our sofas with pretty cushions. Personally I can’t get enough of them and don’t mind them being colourful (I have a white sofa). These come from Mimou, Les Tissus Colbert & Anna O & Oddbirds

This is a must for anybody who lives in a country where flies swarm – it even happens in Sweden believe it or not, at least a couple of months every year….These are called Fly Fly and are made in Finland and can be used for other things as well, hhhrrrmpph…the swatter is of leather and can be bought through the Danish company Good Company. The plastic pen holder Bin Bin is designed by John Brauer, founder of the design company Essey.

Spices Galore! The German company Herbaria carry over 50 different spices & spice mixes in beautiful cans. The brand was established as early as 1919 and is one of the leading suppliers within the health food sector. Herbaria’s Organic Gourmet flavourings provide a top-quality connoisseur range for demanding palates – and all 100 per cent organic. A must for sophisticated cuisine. Münchmedia who import the spices to Sweden also publish customized books such as special editions for all sorts of companies.

Sagaform is a Swedish design company that manufacture all sorts of nice dining room ware: ”Sagaform stands for joyful, innovative gifts for the kitchen and the set table. Indoors and outdoors. Joyful gifts for friends or family, or to spoil yourself with.
Sagaform wants its brand and product range to be the obvious gift choice for Saturday nights’ dinner hosts, or the new neighbour you want to welcome to the neighbourhood, or yourself when you want to brighten up your own day.”  

Soda pops from Macario Retro Drinks are too pretty to drink. The company sells pretty coasters as well.

Who wants to cut the red roses in ugly gloves? Where are all the dazzling rakes hiding? And why is no one wearing sequined rubber boots when it is pouring rain? Garden Glory produce garden hoses for glamorous people with dirty nails:                                              ”We want the outdoor life to be more beautiful and merry. That is why we decided to be the first company in the world to design colorful garden hoses, followed by our nozzles and wall mounted hose holders.All Garden Glory hoses are manufactured in Scandinavia from carefully selected materials of the highest quality. This means that the tube has tricot reinforcement around the inner tube.”

Tove Adman is an artist who turned designer. She makes the most beautiful concrete items and I have loved her design for years! Tove has a web shop but I suppose the postage can run a bit high….

Ever heard of a designer from England who calls himself Whatshisname? Didn’t think so. He an imaginative artist/designer whos lamps are to die for! The big dog is called Good boy and the On/Off switch is shaped as a turd that needs to be stepped on. Puppy is in its natural pose, looking around with a bit of surprise on her face. Hahahahaha 😀             Creating the lamp takes about one month. Good Boy is available in limited editions of 100 worldwide. Price upon request.

There you go, I think I got 2013 off to a pretty good start. Or what do you think? I’ll be back with more exciting stuff shortly. Ciao!



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