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Yesterday was my birthday and since the cherry blossoms still are tight little buds shrinking in the icy wind I will have to entertain myself (and you) with a wee bit of blogging. I love fashion and even though I’m no expert I certainly know what I like and dislike. Things that I dislike will not see the light of day on my blog as I am a 100 % ”Feel Good”.

DSCN1033Tiger of Sweden design very classy clothes for women and men. I’m sure almost everybody in Stockholm has at least one Tiger garment in their wardrobe. With Tiger you can never go wrong.

DSCN1046                      DSCN1044

This is not really my style but I know a lot of pretty young girls who would look smashing in these hippie-ish tunics. Design by Johnny Was.


More trinkets, love these bracelets from Omega.

DSCN0939Equally nice – Bud to rose.


Here we go again: Nanananananananananananan…BAAATMAAAN. This is the real IN-thing for the cape lover this fall. From A Nordin


Now we’ve got some serious headwear for the Cool Cat later this year. There was a whole wall full of these little mothers from New Era.

DSCN1026Jacob Wiktorén is the guy who introduced the brand to us Swedes.

DSCN1024Reschia makes big shoes. They give the word SOLE a new meaning.


Maja Westin can vouch for that. She is a very tall and very pretty girl. But then….we could all look like models if we wear Reschia shoes and lose 20 kilos or more…

DSCN1000                  DSCN0996                 DSCN1012Left to right: Cecilie Melli is a lovely Norwegian designer who has had a lot of success these past years. I met her in Oslo a while back and she expressed her great wish to hit it big in America. She is an expert seamstress and design to-die-for gowns. The kimono in the middle is actually a hand made vintage-fantastic from Japan. Maria Kato imports them to Sweden and I can promise that there are no two alike. Yummie for a Swedish Jap like me. Unfortunately her web site is in Swedish only. The black dress is a Kabelis design and the chain that accessorizes it is design by Maha. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but to decorate your outfits with delicate chainwork is really hot this year so GO For It! And don’t forget to check out Cornelia Webb who is the queen of chains 🙂


A Nordin goes all in. This cute little bag is about 25 cm and gives a professional impression.

DSCN1013           DSCN0990

As I’ve told you before I am a huge fan of leather jackets and in Sweden Jofama is the master of leather-wear. Left: Malin shows us how to look really cool in the bright red. Right: Red suede jacket and sexy black leather skirt designed by Swedish singer Marie Serneholt.



Marie designed these sexy garments as well. Prices: Biker jacket 2 995 sek. Bustier 1 195 sek.


Marie is the epitome of the Swedish beauty.

DSCN1006                 DSCN1005

Polaroid design the coolest sun glasses. Sabine sure knows how the wear them :-).


Stylish feminine blazers from ril’s will spice up the corporate girl. ril’s ”is a total clothing concept for a modern woman”.


Well then, that’s it for now. I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom. Have a fab day!




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