Monkey Bar

DSCN3057 Welcome to the Monkey House! That is, by the way, a title of a book by Kurt Vonnegut. In my opinion it is one of his better, and I read them all when I was 20 something. Anyway, Vonnegut is not the issue here. DSCN3035 The fabulous Monkey Bar is situated way up top on the 10th floor of the 25 Hour Hotel in the Bikini Building that I mentioned in my last post. The entire hotel was designed by Werner Aisslinger’s studio and I really liked what I saw. DSCN3025 The fantastic bar overlooks the monkey house at the Berlin Zoo way down below. DSCN3030 In the entrance of the building there is a tiny art exhibition, with cute old minis…. DSCN3031 …bicycles hanging from the ceiling and serious graffiti. DSCN3034I love that about Berlin. Artist seem free to express themselves just about anywhere 🙂 DSCN3063 You have to wait in line for the elevator, some evenings for an hour or so! DSCN3052And there is a special place for every season. DSCN3046 DSCN3043 The bar has terrace and a narrow ledge that runs around the building. DSCN3044 The view is breathtaking, but nothing I would recommend for a person with serious vertigo.

DSCN3051DSCN3040 DSCN3041DSCN3038


It’s just fab! Around the huge bar in the middle (with sweet and smiling bartenders) are tiered benches that let strangers sit side by side and share the view. The DJ has his very own corner.   DSCN3039This evening the place was packed, perhaps due to the beautiful weather. We had to wait a while before we could find any seats.  DSCN3054And once we had them, we wouldn’t let go for a long time. Thanx to Håkan & Carlos for showing me this fab spot! DSCN3061 If you turn left as you enter this place of fun, you end up in the Neni restaurant with it’s open kitchen. I feel slightly sorry for the chefs who can’t hide anywhere. Literally everybody who steps out to the lift can stand and stare all they like. Take about monkey house! DSCN3062Anyway, this evening we didn’t stay for dinner as the restaurant was packed, but the food looked delicious and next time I go to Berlin I will try it out! Maybe even stay at the hotel. DSCN3053The Monkey Bar is simply a great place for a drink and contemplation. DSCN3050Hope to see you there! XX

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