The two first months of 2013 have been packed with various design happenings. Everybody wants to get their stuff out there; into the press and the stores. I thought I’d show you some of the products that are a-coming to a shop near you (I hope). Eva Solo is a Danish design company. They manufacture many stylish products for the kitchen/dining room.


”Eva Solo creates exclusive, Danish-designed furnishing accessories and kitchenware characterised by aesthetic appeal, functionality and high quality. Tools which are a pleasure to look at, use and own. The history of the company dates as far back as 1913, but the Eva brand had its major breakthrough in 1952 with a bread and meat slicing machine that went on to become a design classic. The first of many. Today, the products are divided into several collections which are marketed worldwide. But the essence is still the same: aesthetics, functionality and quality.”

DSCN0404How about some designer knitwear for the family tea pot? Only at eva Solo 🙂



Even the birdies should eat out of designer made feeding containers (sorry, don’t know the English word for these thingymagogs…bird feeds?).


Way back in the old days Eva Solo was a huge supplier of a more robust type of kitchen appliance. I love this old fashion meat slicer and I found the name quite fitting.


From one thing to another. This bikini is a show stopper. Imagine walking down the beach dressed in this! It’s so crazy you gotta love it. From the Dutch company Marlies Dekkers.


Nobaloney_Aps_Rie Nörregaard - OMHUHow about getting granny a new cool walking stick. These are designed by Rie Nörregaard/Allen Zadeh for Nobaloney Aps and won the ”Peoples Choice” award at Formex 2012.

KlongThe vase Fanny by Klong won the Formex Formidable award last year. Designer: 3do/Ami Katz.

therese gourmetgruppenTherese from Gourmetgruppen is an expert food person. I’ve met her a few times at different press shows and she is so full of interesting information regarding cheeses, sauces, salamis, spices and on and on. They carry a wide range of five star food products.

IMG_1752For the guy who loves print 🙂 From Dutch Muchachomalo no less. Their philosophy goes: ”In every man there is a boy, a bad boy!” Love it 🙂

DSCN9991This is an extremely interesting and usable product. You may think it’s a vibrator, but no such luck (although it can be used as a sex toy but without the vibration). Secret Ceres was originally developed to cleanse and tighten the vagina. It’s been used for centuries by women in Asia to maintain and rejuvenate their sexual organs as well as heighten the libido. Due to the unique composition and the biodynamic traditional processing of selected extracts, minerals and crystals Secret Ceres balances structural deficiencies of the body while accelerating the cell renewal process.  Every girl should definitely have one of these at home.

IMG_1751As we are concentrating on the lower part of the body these tight and sexy minimalistic shorts can cheer up any person of the male species who happens to pass the girl wearing them. Hooray for summer! From Jofama (who produce TO DIE FOR-leatherjackets as well!)

IMG_1750…like this one……


Jesper Ståhl is a Swedish designer who has been extremely successful these past few years. I blogged about him a year or two ago when he’d designed some really nice cupboards (called no 5) for the furniture company Voice. This time out he’s created a very exciting wash basin for bathroom producer Vedum.

DSCN0520Check it out! It’s a vortex….I don’t know about you but I was nearly hypnotized watching the water spiraling down the drain.

DSC_6513I will continue to push for these organic and eco friendly spices because they are fantastic and the cans are beautiful. From Münch Media. YUM.

DSCN9587Don’t you love this top? I do. I love anything thats black as long as it’s see-through. I am a color person and don’t wear black very often, but some pieces rock me 🙂 This is Tiger of Sweden Jeans. In a store near you (at least in Sweden) in March-April. But nowadays you can buy most things over the Internet.



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