Marine animals in captivity


Casey is now safely stowed away in the closet, awaiting the next trip to…wherever (working for First Class Magazine a trip can come very suddenly). On our last day in Mallorca we went to one of the marine parks, Marineland, just for fun 🙂 It wasn’t much of a park (very small) but we came across some nice animals. Both Don Pelle and I are crazy about animals! The dolphin show was great but we were a little bothered by the way the poor dolphins live. The pool is so small and we believe those great mammals need 100 % freedom.

DSC_8826Yes, freedom….

DSC_8807Yeay, Wonder Woman can do all sorts of strange things to her body….especially with the help of a dolphin.

DSC_8809The humans showed us they care….



DSC_8796Talk about a strange environment for a dolphin.


This penguin seemed happy enough though. He has all that he needs.


But his pal looked a bit down in the dumps.


The view from the park is beautiful – the area is called Costa d’en Blanes, and the beaches are quiet and very un-crowded. Perhaps because the shore is really rocky (with a large quantity of sea urchins).

DSC_8646At Marineland they have a hospital for turtles…

DSC_8644This poor guy had his shell all stapled up. He seemed to feel a lot better that the next turtle who was just floating in a lopsided way 🙁

The smaller turtles like to hang out together – but check out the cigarette butt! Don’t you agree that the human race is disgusting??!!

DSC_8626Some just want to be left alone…

DSC_8654Gimme something to eat. Pleeeeaaseeee

DSC_8650Hello there, such a tiny monkey.

DSC_8637The flamngos are beautiful but I feel such big bird should have a large space in which to move about. This cage was ridiculously small.

DSC_8694The sea lions seem happy wherever they are. This mother and cub were adoooorable! I could’ve spent all day taking pictures of them 🙂

DSC_8719That’s one mighty proud mother.

DSC_8661The poison dart frog (this is only one of the 175 different types). The latin name for this yellow-banded specimen is Dendrobates leucomelas.                                                       Wikipedia: They are known to be fiercely territorial. They live in small groups in the wild, and will attack neighbouring groups with surprising ferocity for creatures of their size.                                                                                                                                                Well well…..

DSC_8346So, that was it from Mallorca this time around. Just about now work starts off with a bang; people to see, places to go and articles to write. Stay tuned for some exciting news on this here blog 🙂




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