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Make Up Store is a Swedish company that can spell S U C C E S S 🙂 Since the start in 1996 they have grown and grown and are still growing. Already established in 19 countries Make Up Store continue the quest to lay the whole world at their feet. It is the fastest growing make up company in Scandinavia and thanks to their unique concept they will soon be at a place near you (if not already there). Mika Liias is the man behind the success and his motto is to create ”a world of colors”. Mika is a friend of mine and I must say that he has managed very well. Every month I see pictures of him at a new opening somewhere in the world.


The very talented and clever Mika Liias.


Now then. Before christmas I trotted off to the company’s nice digs in downtown Stockholm to find out about the looks for 2013. Make Up Artist William Värnild held a nice presentation.


Make Up Store proudly presents 2013 year’s colorful and charismatic spring/summer looks. COCKTAIL is this spring’s colorful and eclectic look while this summer is characterized by romantic and flowery BLOSSOM. Two looks that offer completely different color schemes and express two different emotions.

DSCN0245The collected press was in awe as William passed around the not-yet-launched products.


Two models were brought in to show us what we will look like this spring. The Looks for 2013 are called: Red passion, Cocktail, Volume, Blossom, Nomad.


Renée Nailpolish released in January & Mint Julip Microshadow in February.


Home Spa Sugarbody released in May &  Blue Moon Eyedust (a favourite of mine!) released i February.


Make Up purses Pureness Purple & Flat Croco released in February.

eyebrow razorThe eyebrow razor is a novelty and a MUST for the girl (or boy) with bushy eyebrows. I sure wish I had that problem, my eyebrows are sparse….to say the least…..

foxy _2085

Make Up Store know to use pretty celebrities as their models. This is singer Kayo.


Left: Steel Cybershadow, released in March & right: Capri Blue Strazz (sequins that are glued around the eyes for a sparkling effect) released in February.


Mirjam Nailpolish & Parfait Amour Microshadow, both released in February.



Make Up Store wants to encourage everyone to ”dare to wear color”.

DSCN0254See you soon again. Next time I shall be reporting from the Stockholm Furniture Fair which kicks off on tuesday. It’s going to be a wild wild week 😀

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