Make Up Store Glamour


They do it again. Again and again. The makers at Make Up Store are constantly inventing new looks for women. Eyeshadow, blush, nail polish, lipstick…..the list goes on and on. Earlier this summer I attended a press show to see what they had n store for this autumn/winter and boy! They have really done it this time! So many new products and imaginative looks that I don’t know where to start. Well…I do actually. I will start with the August Collection.

DSCN1520Make Up artist and PR guru William Värnlid gave us so much information that it’s taken me a while to digest it all. Anyhow, the August look is called Jelly and reminds me a bit of my youth when disco was big (yes, I am that old! Gaaaahhhhhh)

LOOK jelly

The “Jelly” look spans the entire spectrum of bold, bright colours and sweetly sugared shapes. The collection is one of a cohort of soft-spoken rebels, influenced by the kitten-like movie stars once found in the 1950s and the happy and sexy amazons in the 70s.


Three products from the Jelly-range: Shazia Nailpolish, Giallo Damsco Marble Eyeshadow & Splash Swirl Body lotion (which I simply LOVE!), comes in three different fragrances.

JellyEyes_Bags_276745Jelly Eyes Make Up Bag. Glossy and fun 🙂


On of the blogger girls found an interesting chair. It’s called Her (yes, there is a Him as well) Chair, designed by


Fabio Novembre and produced by Italian Casamania. It’s quite comfortable actually.


Personally I miss Mallorca like mad. Not only the sweet warm climate but also the easy way of life. But soon enough I will be back :-). Life will be quite hectic until then but it’s all for a good cause! So long!

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