Lost in Lluc


So yesterday was the perfect day for a little hike. I set of with two of my favorite girls, Helen and Karin, early this morning for a nice and lengthy hike in the mountains of Lluc, which is situated in the northern part of the Tramuntana mountains.


We started off with a coffee, and to discuss the route. Both Helen and Karin are experts at this, they usually know their way around.DSC_9624

We saw a bunch of trees with bark hanging in shreds. These are probably Gum trees (a kind of Eucalyptus) who shed their ”skin”. It’s perfectly natural although the poor trees look messy.


As the hiking routes crisscross the mountain sides we are pleased there are signs to help us on our way. At least in the beginning. As you venture deeper into the bush, the signs get more and more scarce…


…although I sure wonder who was sent out to time the different paths…was it a full grown man? Was it a tiny woman? Or was it perhaps a very speedy child? I mean…57 minutes???1 hour and 1 minute??? 3 hours and 1 minute??? Seriously?


Anywhow, we moved on at a brisk pace.


And came upon unexpected dwellings…


What is that? A giant pit deep in the ground in the middle of nowhere, with no access to the bottom whatsoever. Just high stone walls all around. Maybe it’s meant for gladiator games? We were gobsmacked.


The day was beautiful and a little chilly. Hey, it’s the end of November after all.


We continued our trek, chattering happily all the way…


…and then we were lost!


So we took to the road.


And can you believe it! Out of two choices, we decided on the wrong one and ended up having to hitchhike back to civilization. OOps


A house!!!


With a pretty garden!


Boy, were we happy to be on the right track again! 😀


Our starting point was the Santuari de Lluc. And it was a blessing to arrive back after hours of walking.


In the end as was well. Of course we were very hungry but as our hike dragged out, all the restaurants had closed for the afternoon….aaaarrrgggghhhhhhh. Hasta luego!




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