Linum & Mateus

Lazy Bones, that’s me. I have been extremely lazy these past weeks, but that might have to do with my newly acquired puppy, Kajsa.


I will tell you all about her eventually, and before I shower you with my adventures in Costa Rica, I have to finish off my design news. I am nearing the end of my quest for fresh new design (spring 2016)  and I really want to share it with all of you, no matter where you live 😀


Linum is a very successful Swedish brand that is especially well known for lovely textiles.


It’s always a delight to go to their press events, the products are lovingly displayed and everything looks so soft and inviting!


And I certainly can’t complain about the yummie things us journalists like to stuff our mouths with 🙂

DSC_9213DSC_9214Here is what that say about themselves:           ”Linum is proud to present a new chapter in our history of Swedish Design since 1966. We continue to design and produce collections with an authenticity in our heritage. We design our products with sophistication through simplicity. Linum pays attention to subtle detailing with an aspiration of designing the small details to be both beautiful and functional. Our products are designed to provide comfort, long lasting use and enjoyment in a quality you can see and touch.”


Linum is adding sturdier items to their ever growing collection of Swedish delights. Don’t you adore those marble mortars, bowls, chopping boards and the likes. Take a look at the website and discover the very humane prices.

DSC_9229DSC_9226This spring they have launched the most beautiful brass candle holders – prices range from 55 euros. And check out that lovely brass apple (or bowl), 109 euros. The scented candles are very nice as well. Plus they are seem to be immensely popular, as many of them have sold out already.


”We want our products to be loved and used over the years. We care to preserve our high quality and work carefully to keep a high standard in our materials and production. Our patterns are designed and well coordinated in programs, to last over time. We always work with patterns, stripes and prints and our textured solids are Linum hallmarks. Linum products and materials are tactile and we have since the beginning been inspired by Swedish nature and form tradition, colours, patterns and textures. Linum is made to be touched!”


Linums next door neighbor goes by the name of Mateus, another Swedish brand that becomes more and more popular as the years go by. They are well known for their earthenware, which is 41998-Redigera-715x536

”Mateus offers you the best of two worlds. Portugal, where the ceramics have a deep rooted and time – honoured place in the culture, and Sweden, where the interest for fashion and design is widespread. An ideal combination.
All our products are handmade in Portugal by skilled artisans, each lending a personal touch and uniqueness to each and every piece. The enduring quality of the design offers an endless range of combinations for creating the perfect setting for each occasion.”


Mateus offers 7 different collections, please check the lovely website for more information.

 DSC_9236 DSC_9235

In the showroom I came across a lovely young lady who designs pretty cushions. Filippa Lundahl is a talented designer and her company goes by the name of Fillie. Check out the website, it’s packed with cushions and other fine products.

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