The first month of the year is actually very nice on this latitude. The sun shines like mad nearly every day and temperatures reach as high as 20 degrees. At night it gets a lot colder, but we don’t mind, it’s still a hell of a lot warmer than it is during the day in Sweden. This is my main reason for moving to Mallorca, as I become a grumpy old miser when the climate is cold, dark and depressing.

DSC_0158A few days ago we took a little drive and went north to Son Serra de Marina. It’s a small dwelling with what I suppose is a holiday place as all the houses were boarded up. We hardly met a soul.


But the weather was magnificent and even though none of us felt for a dip (not even the dog) we had a wonderful day!

DSC_0160Although Steffie didn’t go for a swim (very unusual indeed) she was all for chasing sticks 🙂


DSC_0195Lunch was served in a very typical Mallorquin tapas bar…

DSC_0196…at the marina. Not too many people about.

DSC_0192Except a couple of fish…and the funny guys who caught them of course. Every time the fish flapped they went: ”Tranquilo!” Haha

DSC_0185Looks quite unreal for January, doesn’t it?

DSC_0177I wonder what was going on in her head. Reminded me slightly of ”The French Lieutenant’s Woman” which is very very romantic (and sad) movie from 1981 with Meryl Streep, after a novel by John Fowles who is a great author! His book ”The Magus” is one of the best books I’ve ever read – and I read a lot!


This was on the 6th, a big day for the Spanish because that’s the day they give each other presents. In some small town we encountered a procession of gaily dressed people (with a truck full of gifts) on their way to some huge celebration. They all seemed full of anticipation.

DSC_0109Remember I mentioned a x-mas decoration in the form of a huge snowman? Well, this is what he looks like now that Christmas is over. Poor guy, I guess they have to get a new one for this year’s x-mas holidays (unless they fix him up with a bicycle tyre patch kit…).

DSCN1871I also mentioned the popular ”Three Wise Men on a Rope”. My mistake…..They are actually ”Three Kings on a Rope”. Sorry about that.

DSC_0105Every car in Mallorca is full of scratches and dents. No wonder! The streets (streets? more like alleys) are so narrow there’s hardly space for ONE car, let alone two meeting cars! This little bugger is exactly the right size. Love it!

DSC_0103And this little bugger seems to be a favorite as well 🙁 At the local supermarket suckling pig can be bought in vacuum packs. Of course it tastes heavenly, but I would not feel at ease putting it on my bbq……naaaaaaw…


So for New Year’s Eve I made a wonderful shrimp salad instead. I was quite ill with my first Spanish flu, but still made it to the kitchen and the meal was divine! I managed to watch the zillions of fireworks around the mountains of Alaró before I crashed.

DSC_0119Outside our kitchen we have our own well (in case we run out of water). Every house has one, and when it rains we hear the water filling up. It’s SO exotic!

DSC_9989Our next door neighbors, Ferran from Mallorca & Arno from Berlin came over for a (well, more like a hundred) glass of wine on evening. We had a great time, and don’t you agree that Ferran looks fantastic in mink?????

DSC_9802The moon has never been fuller that when we see it from one of our five terraces. Simply beautiful!

DSC_0123As often as I can I have a Skype conversation (usually a really long one of course) with my lovely daughter Sofia. There is nobody more important in my life (not even Don Pelle, lo and behold!) and we have great time over the internet. She studies to be a environmental chemical engineer (????) in the grand old town of Uppsala and is as bright as they come. I love her madly! And fact is, now that I’ve moved to Spain we have more contact than we’ve had since she moves away from home. I know she’ll hate this picture…..

DSC_0201Love the way the sun sparkles in the palm trees, reminds me of the movie ”Apocalypse now”…. but thankfully these trees will not be doused with napalm……

DSC_9713Art is everywhere to be found….

DSC_0114So welcome to our house on Passatge Puig. It’s a wonderful place to grow old. All the stairs will keep us forever young, that’s for sure 😀 Stay tuned friends!

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