How to make the famous Hot Stuff

I’m just in for a quickie. Once upon a time my sister invented something that we call ”Hot Stuff”. It’s a very spicy sauce piquante (although it’s much thicker than sauce) and extremely popular with everybody who loves very spicy food (like Indians, Mexicans and many Juhlin-Dannfelts). Here is the recipe:

DSC_0074You need:


A tube (or even better; a small tin) of Harissa red pepper & chili paste, 1 whole garlic, some oil, vinegar and herbs (any kind will do but Tarragon goes well with the Harissa).


Peel the garlic cloves and press them into a bowl, add all the harissa + oil, vinegar and herbs. Mix vigorously, preferably without tasting. Et voila, you´ve got your own Hot Stuff!

DSC_0081Fill a clean jar and store in the fridge. It will last a very long time thanks to the vinegar. The Hot Stuff is really good with especially chicken, but if you love chili like I do, it goes well with just about anything 🙂 Be sure to use very little at a time, and never ever give it to the dog!

DSCN1953One more flower for the road. I shall soon be back with more interesting facts about Mallorca 🙂 Very very soon the almond trees will be in full bloom. Hasta luego.

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