House hunting in Mallorca


Hi, my name is Casey and I am on my first trip ever. I was born in the great maternity ward of the Samsonite factory and was quickly adopted by my new and wonderfully loving parents Don Pelle and Evita. Jenny at the adoption agency House of Communications took care of me in a most delightful way during my weeks in transit. I almost decided to stay with her but she’s already got a couple of ”kids” and Don Pelle and Evita had been looking for a long time. Boy, are we a happy family or what?! 😀

DSC_8332This is me leaving Sweden – whohoooo! Mallorca here I come!

DSC_8356Oh boy! That was one hell of a ride, I can tell you. So much fun.

DSC_8357Being taken care of at the airport, I wish you could see how excited I am.


Anyhow, I am now in Mallorca where the sun is scorching and I am forever happy for the cute little pool at the hostel we are staying at.

DSC_8391There’s nothing wrong with this place but it sure would be nice if they gave us a mattress for the bed. Evita tells me the box-spring is painful. No five stars here…..


It’s also my first ever time in the sun and it was so hot I had to open up…not that it helped…

DSC_8399…so I had to take a well needed dip in the pool. Yummie!

DSC_8400Afterwards I had a coffee before getting dressed for dinner.

DSC_8401Outfit of the day. I had time to engage in all the above activities while Don Pelle and Evita were out and about hunting for the ultimate house to grow old in.

DSC_8390Don Pelle with one of the real estate agents, Gabriella. They say she was very pleasant.

DSC_8387There are quite a few nice back yards on this island. So long for now. Stay tuned for the next chapter of Don Pelles and Evitas (and mine of course) adventures in Mallorca.





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