Hot hot hot


Believe you me, it’s pretty hot and not for the first time do I wish we had a lovely swimming pool in our minuscule garden. But….that’s not to be, so whenever we have the time and energy we drive for 30 minutes to spend some time on the beach in Alcudia. IMG_0695 Two of my darling nieces came to visit and they were really lucky with the weather. And I was lucky to not have loads of work looming over my head. Sara (left) and Tora + boyfriend Marko spent most of the time lounging on the beach. IMG_0663 Marko is the type of person who turns brown while you’re watching. Naturally this makes Tora look much paler than she actually is – what a bummer!!!


Don Pelle prefers the shade, like a true rock’n’roller.

IMG_0666 At the lovely and quiet beach we found this wonderful little restaurant with a Carribean atmosphere and simple but excellent food. IMG_0656 Although we did have time for other activities as well. Saturday is market day (as you all know by now) and we dragged ourselves down there for the weekly veggie + flower shopping. These guys entertained everybody with happy tunes in the sweltering heat. IMG_0654 While these guys provide us all with delicious plants to brighten up our gardens with. IMG_0709 In the evenings we tried out the different restaurants of Alaró and there a quite a few for such a small town!!! Here we are at Mons Apart where the menus are in Mallorquin – very hard to understand so ordering was a gamble, and every dish somewhat of a surprise. I was quite happy with my fish although Tora was less excited by her huge squid…. IMG_0700 Then we moved on to Can Punta on the village square to have coffee and brandy. All of us in great spirits!

IMG_0743IMG_0735Of course I dragged my family along to feed ”my” favorite donkeys Curt & Carmen. They love me madly by now as I give them special equinine cereal + hay, and they are beginning to fatten up nicely.

IMG_0738I still don’t know who the owner is, but whoever he is, he must be mighty surprised.


Last but not least; the ”dead” palm tree in my garden suddenly came alive and is now sporting a mop of fresh green leaves on top. Hasta luego my friends 🙂

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