Home sweet home. Furnished tales.


For all of you who are design buffs Stockholm is the place to visit this summer. The wonderful art museum Liljevalchs is filled with interior design from different periods of the 20th century. Visitors will encounter some of the all time greats of the art of interior design but not as we are accustomed to seeing them.

IMG_2262The three art profiles Karin Södergren, Cilla Ramnek and Anna Kvint have in collaboration with the museums CEO Mårten Castenfors designed 12 magnificent ”rooms” with furniture and artifacts from Swedish as well as international designers.

Salong_pressbild_nyPhoto: Jacob Dahlström

The Salon is taken over by Elsie de Wolfe’s glamorous American 1920s and 1930s and Syrie Maugham’s British white elegance.

IMG_2285The girls told me that they have been scavenging interesting design for ages – most of the furniture is borrowed from private collectors and antiques traders. A lot of the artifacts were bought at various auctions and flea markets. Fact is, when the exhibition is over Liljevalchs will auction out many of the  items.

IMG_2283Some of the design is quite horrendous, just look at that bed! :-/

IMG_2279One of my favorites is the beautiful flower pot with a stunning art nouveau print. I’m hoping it will sell at the auction i September….

IMG_2279I’m sorry about the quality of the photos, they are all taken with my useless iPhone. But still, can’t you get the groove of the place?

IMG_2280It’s important not to rush through the exhibition as there is A LOT to see. every little piece is important to the overall impression.

IMG_2275Another crazy bed.

IMG_2277In the dining room the audience will encounter styles and concepts from the late-19th century British Arts & Crafts movement and William Morris, and the Swede Karin Larsson.

IMG_2264Liljevalchs is a fantastic museum with super high ceilings and lots and lots of light.

IMG_2263The press was mesmerized.


IMG_2286I suppose this is a sewing chair, never seen the like before.


The exhibition presents original objects by some of the icons of design and settings that show an affinity with them in a rather free manner.  Time, space, materials and functions have been mixed according to the principle of delight and each room of the art gallery has its main inspirers.

IMG_2281This is a darling miniature from way back when. If you wish to know more, please visit Liljevalchs.


Home Sweet Home shows that styles and ideals are not necessarily dependent on money but that the icons and classics of design can serve as an inspiration for our own creativity and recycling of objects. The world doesn’t need a new design lemon squeezer; what it needs is care and consideration for the objects and contexts that already exist in our homes and reflections on what we can do ourselves.

IMG_2268The exhibition runs through 15 September and Liljevalchs art hosts will present it twice a day every day at 12.15 and 14.30 (ca 20 mins.).

So get on the tram and have a wonderful experience, I sure did! 🙂






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