Hard at work


I spent last week working. Working really hard as a helping hand at a photo shoot for the Swedish mailorder company Jotex. Jotex items might not be the sexiest or most exclusive, but they produce nice home ware (with emphasis on textiles) that even the poorest of souls can afford.

DSC_1291The happy campers from Sweden were overjoyed to style and shoot the summer catalogue in Mallorca. They were also extremely lucky with the weather which was sunny and warm all week.

DSC_1239Every morning I got up at 5 am to get to Illetas in time (30 minute drive) to serve breakfast at 7. The shoot took place at a lovely penthouse with a breathtaking view of the ocean.

DSC_1278On top there is a huge roof terrace; perfect for shooting fluffy summer textiles 🙂

DSC_1264The gang worked their bones off and I assisted them as much as I could. Left to right: Wayne (photographer), Ivet (stylist) and Daniel (project manager).

DSC_1281Simply fabulous!


I am not too keen on the neighboring buildings, but Illetes is a typical tourist village. Very quiet and empty in the winter but come summer and the place certainly comes alive. Personally I really like the sort of lazy energy that exists during off-season.

DSC_1272Wayne took a time-out to consider the details.

DSC_1271And Per simply took a time-out to rest his tired photographer feet.

DSC_1230In the mornings they discussed the day’s shoot. Where to go, what to shoot and how to go about it. It was a tight schedule.

DSC_1231My workload wasn’t nearly as heavy as theirs, but I did all the ground service. Breakfast, lunch, A LOT of ironing (which I like actually) and everything else that the gang couldn’t fit in to their busy days. Many products to style and many photos to snap.

DSC_1246Ivet is a brilliant stylist and also a very nice person. I am happy to make her acquaintance 🙂

DSC_1234The huge seaside apartment belongs to a friend of mine (or a colleague rather). Daniela owns a lovely pr-agency in Stockholm called Squid. The agency is still pretty young and the website will soon be up and running.

DSC_1253One day a creepy fog rolled in.


In no time the surroundings were enveloped by this…entity!


We could actually see it rolling down the hill, wet and sticky. Like something out of a horror movie.

DSC_1286But fifteen minutes later it moved out to sea. I wouldn’t say it dispersed, more like rolled out over the ocean and we could still see it in the horizon. So wierd!

DSC_1289Unfortunately I am not allowed to publish any pictures of the products which is too bad because I have some fiiiine images, so this will have to do. Can you guess what it is?

DSC_1233Good night.






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