Handmade by Charlotta Unger

beskuren_DSC9249.jpg_0_0_100_100_977_278_100Charlotta is an artist friend of mine who makes beautiful pottery, sheepskin vests/coats amongst other things. She is extremely talented and I consider it an honour to give her a little boost on my blog. She is not ”very famous” yet, but I’m sure fame is lurking just around the corner 🙂 Please, PLEASE check out her pretty web site (and store..): Handmade by Charlotta Unger.


Charlotta has her workshop on Österlen, the very southeastern part of Sweden. It’s a beautiful and serene place which gives her all the energy and creativity she needs to be a successful designer and artist.


Such gorgeous ceramics, I can assure you the cups are a dream to drink out of. A cup of morning coffee like that really makes your day 🙂

DSCN1382These elegant bowls are of a good size and will spice up any ol’ party table. Fill them with nuts, olives or whatever.



I adore the gold on white. It makes the bowls/cups look like they’ve been dug up at some ancient Roman site. Especially with the signet on the side.

15905253-origpic-0bdd77.jpg_0_0_100_100_289_289_85   16212726-origpic-01601c

For royalties

But all’s not table wear. Charlotta even makes her own prints on table cloths and other materials such as…

DSCN9836…exclusive sheep skin from animals that have grazed the pastures of Österlen. Can’t get any more sustainable than that! This ”blanket” is not cheap but it will certainly last a life time.

DSCN9837The print.


Sheep skin is one of her favourite materials, here is a lovely wristlets for cooold Swedish days. Will sure keep arthritis at bay.

DSCN9844And now for the jewel in the crown. The ornate sheep skin vests is a dream! I can assure you it’ll keep you warm even in the frostiest of northern winter days. AND it is so pretty with the trimming. Mind you, Charlotta makes every little piece herself so the stock isn’t bulging with products – hurry hurry and you might be one of the lucky ones!

DSCN9845I sure fell for it…..



Being an extremely creative woman she makes sculptures as well as….

16441304-origpic-edfc49….paintings. Sometimes I wonder how she manages to find the time for all of this.


Pimp up them rubber boots, keep your knees warm on chilly autumn days.


Like this.

34953-7872471-shopw-6ec777 3

Charlotta hard at work.

34953-7872471-shopw-6ec777 2Some of the pictures are courtesy Charlotta Unger and some of them are my own.


Now, today is Midsummer which is a big deal in Sweden (due to a ridiculously short summer). Many foreigners think it’s our independence day…..it’s not…and this is the way most people celebrate it. Not me and my love though. We shall spend the day and evening all by ourselves and instead of the traditional sill & snaps (herring & booze) we shall eat our homemade hamburgers. Yum! AND we will stay sober, something most Swedes won’t…Cheeriooooo

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