Gran Folies

DSCN3324This is another beautiful place, but not nearly as remote as Caragol. Quite the opposite in fact. Gran Folies is situated in Cala Llamp, close to Port d’Andtrax. It’s a stunning place, with massive villas climbing on the side of a mountain.

DSCN3320Tucked round the corner from Port d’Andratx, Cala Llamp Bay has a stunning view. The Tramuntana mountains create high cliffs all around, forming a crescent bay with calm and beautiful clear water. It’s pure pleasure to swim in!

DSCN3322We saw some pretty nice architecture as well.

DSCN3330The houses on top are magnificent, but unfortunately we found most of them empty. I wonder if this is a place to stash away money, or if these are summer homes that are used only a few weeks per year?

DSCN3328Just because people are rich they don’t necessarily have good taste…..


The beach has no sand, but on top of the flat rock resides Gran Folies Beach Club.

DSCN3339Our friend Klas Lunding, the founder and owner of Telegram Studios in Sweden, has a holiday pad in Port d’Andratx and introduced us to Gran Folies, a place he frequents with his family. It was a great Sunday!

DSCN3338Gran Folies Beach Club is a restaurant-bar concept where you can enjoy the excellent outdoor location by the sea. It’s the perfect place to hang out with friends on a hot lazy day.

DSCN3331The pool is nice and cold, but personally I prefer the lovely ocean. The Mediterranean has been a great joy for me this past summer. I really do miss my daily swimming exercise, although a lot of it has been done in the Alaró public pool. The deeper the better!

DSCN3337This year the season ended on the 2 of November, like many other hotels and beach clubs around the island. Winter is a-coming, meaning daytime temperatures around 15° C. It could be much worse! Cheerio 😀


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